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Weyco 2020 Perfect Storm

Weyco Group: 2020 Was A Perfect Storm But It’s A Buy

Weyco Group (WEYS) is a stock that I have written positively about in the past. But the stock did not do well in 2020 due to the impact that COVID-19 had on the company’s business. This was on top of tariffs and the trade war effects on shoes imported from China. Weyco faced a perfect storm in 2020. Sales were down in by well over -50% in the second quarter and the third quarter was not too much better. That said, rising vaccine distribution in the U.S. and elsewhere portend better times ahead. Weyco’s business will likely recover as offices reopen and life returns to a more normal basis, but it will take time. The new administration has not yet moved to remove tariffs on shoes, but it is now a better possibility. For now, though, Weyco is yielding over 5% and importantly the dividend has not yet been cut or suspended thanks to the fortress balance sheet. In addition, Weyco is a Dividend Champion with 39 years of dividend growth. There is still risk here and the dividend could be cut. But unless 2021 is worse than 2020 from the perspective of COVID-19, Weyco should recover. I view Weyco as a buy.

Weyco 2020 Perfect Storm
Weyco Group: 2020 Was A Perfect Storm But It’s A Buy

Impact of COVID-19 on Weyco Group

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted business around the world but some more than others. The pandemic is having an outsize impact on Weyco. The company mostly sells business and modern casual men’s footwear through department stores, national shoe chain retailers, and its own stores. Obviously, this was not a great business to be in during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sales were punished across all channels and all brands as state and local governments closed malls. Furthermore, many customers that would buy business shoes were working from home as offices were closed or operated at reduced staffing on site…

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