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3 Pharma Dividend Growth Stocks Yieldsing 4.5%

Large-cap pharma stocks are seemingly being left behind in today’s market. The Healthcare sector is up 1.9% year-to-date ahead of only Utilities (+1.3%) and Consumer Defensive (+0.3%). For perspective, the Energy (+39.1%) and Financial (+17.2) sectors are leading in 2021. Despite the relative overvaluation of the broader market and indices, there are still pockets of value in today’s market. This brings us to three large-cap pharma dividend growth stocks that are yielding about 4.5%+. They are AbbVie (ABBV) yielding ~4.7%, Gilead Sciences (GILD) yielding ~4.5%, and Pfizer (PFE) yielding about 4.4%. I view AbbVie, Gilead, and Pfizer as buys.

Impact of COVID-19

Healthcare companies were impacted by COVID-19. The second quarter was difficult for some companies as hospitals saw lower admissions, especially for elective procedures, and doctors’ offices saw fewer patients resulting in a lower number of prescriptions. Patient numbers rebounded through the year, but they are still trailing 2019. Furthermore, COVID-19 disrupted sales reps visiting doctors and other prescribers due to visitor restrictions likely affecting new product launches. Additionally, many pharma companies refocused efforts to develop vaccines and treatments for COVID-19. Although some pharma companies were adversely affected by the pandemic, others seemed to navigate the pandemic reasonably well largely depending on their product line.

3 Pharma Dividend Growth Stocks Yielding 4.5%


AbbVie is the first large-cap pharma stock that I view as a buy. AbbVie was spun out from Abbott Laboratories (ABT) in 2013. The company has strengths in immunology and oncology. Its top seller is HUMIRA (immunology), which is also the top-selling drug globally, generating nearly 40% of AbbVie’s sales and about half of profits…


The next large-cap pharma stock that I view as a buy is Gilead. The company is well known for its therapies treating HIV and hepatitis C [HCV], which are its main strengths. Indeed, SOVALDI and HARVONI cure hepatitis C causing the number of patients to decline….


The last large-cap pharma stock that I view as a buy is Pfizer. Pfizer is in the middle of major transformation since 2019. The company spun off its consumer products into a JV with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). It followed that up with the spinoff of Upjohn, which was merged with Mylan NV forming Viatris (VTRS). Today, Pfizer is focused on R&D driven therapies…

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