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Cisco Time Buy

The bear market is making retail and professional investors nervous, but the market will not be down forever. For those who have lived through the dot-com crash and sub-prime mortgage crisis, we know bear markets can last many months, but stock markets eventually reverse course. However, the bear market creates opportunities for many to follow a dividend growth investing strategy. Similarly, investors seeking income from high-yield stocks are likely to buy too.

One stock that should be near the top of your list to buy is Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CSCO), the networking giant. The company is now yielding 3.5%+, and the dividend continues to grow annually. Cisco is a Dividend Contender with 12 years of raises. The bear market, combined with weak Q3 2022 results and guidance, has punished the stock, which is down (-32.5%) year-to-date. The valuation is down 12.7X. The combination of the yield and undervaluation make it time to buy Cisco.

Cisco Time Buy
Cisco Systems: Time Buy

Overview of Cisco

Cisco traces its founding back to 1984, when it created its first router. The company snowballed and had the highest market capitalization during the dot-com boom. Today, Cisco designs, manufactures, and sells Internet Protocol networking equipment. Its products include routers, storage, switches, wireless, cybersecurity software, etc. The company sells its products in several categories: Secure, Agile Networks, Internet for the Future, Collaboration, End-to-End Security, Optimized Application Experiences, Other Products, and Services. The company operates globally and is the market leader for networking. Interbrand ranks Cisco as the No. 16 global brand.

Total revenue was $49,818 million in fiscal 2021 and $51,581 million in the last twelve months. Revenue is roughly divided into 75% product and 25% service.

Recent Quarterly Results

The company reported Q3 2022 results below expectations. Cisco still reported growth in some product categories, but revenue was flat, as seen in the chart below. In addition, total subscription revenue declined and was a lower percentage of total revenue, suggesting customers were not renewing subscriptions and migrating to competitors….

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