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Welcome to Dividend Power, a website about Building Wealth and Financial Independence leveraging the Power of Dividend Growth Investing!

About Dividend Power

I am a self-taught individual investor and I have been investing in stocks for approximately 20 years. My educational background and my work experience focuses on engineering and science. That background taught me to be methodical and patient in investing. I do not have formal investment training but acquired knowledge through experience and reading. I have made money and lost money in the stock market. No one is right 100% of the time. Hence, I have learned the hard way about considering and managing risk exposure through diversification and allocation.

This site is really about building wealth using dividend growth investing. It is about managing your money so that you can save, invest, and achieve financial independence.

Investment Philosophy

I focus on dividend growth investing with a long-term horizon since I believe in the compounding power of dividend growth investing to build wealth. I generally look for undervalued large cap stocks with sustainable dividend growth and capital appreciation potential. The concept of DGI is simple and does not require rapid trading or real-time data. However, DGI does require patience and time to work. I do invest in tech like most small investors, and also special situation stocks. But I tend to write mostly about dividend growth stocks on this website. I also believe in the Financial Independence Retire Early or ‘FIRE’ movement. I think that dividend growth investing can be a component of that.

Financial Writing

I started writing investing articles fairly early in 2006 on Seeking Alpha. But life got busy with marriage, kids, work, and I stopped for a long time. I restarted writing articles on Seeking Alpha in late-2018. Writing articles provides a way for me to organize my thoughts on stocks and investing. I think it was my writings on SA that attracted the interest of other websites and newsletters.

Today, I publish articles at my profile on Seeking Alpha. I am currently in the top 2.0% out of over 26,000 financial bloggers as tracked by TipRanks, an independent analyst tracking site, (as of September 2023). Some of my articles are also published on Value Walk, Talk Markets, Forbes, Yahoo, and other leading sites. I have also been featured as a contributor on the MoneyShow. I now work part-time as a free-lance equity research analyst with Sure Dividend, a leading newsletter on dividend stocks. Lastly, I have recently become a part of Portfolio Insight, a new and innovative platform for managing your portfolio.

Dividend Power Blog

I started the Dividend Power blog to provide a website that contains links to my writings from Seeking Alpha and other websites in one location. After some time, I expanded it to my own original articles exclusive to this blog. My articles focus on dividend growth investing, dividend stocks, building wealth, investing principles, retirement, and financial independence.

One move that I made was going to a self-hosted Word Press blog. It took some time and I had to learn about Search Engine Optimization or ‘SEO’, plugins, AdSense, cache, database optimization, mail lists, content deliver network or ‘CDN’, etc. But eventually I figured out quite a bit of it. This is still work in progress though. The blog continues to evolve and hopefully improve. Please feel free to comment on the various posts.

You can sign up for my free bi-weekly newsletter by clicking here to receive my posts in your inbox. I publish or update articles two to three days per week. I publish a “Stock Market This Week” on most Saturdays, which includes more nuanced investment, stock market, and economic content with my commentary.

The Dividend Power blog continues to evolve. I recently changed themes to a newer one and upgraded my hosting service, which made the site faster. I have also added some content on retirement and more people guest posting.

Dividend Power Blog Awards and Mentions

Accolades for the Dividend Power Blog

  • “The best basic research site that I have found.” -WK
  • “Very informative!” -MK
  • “Whenever I do not feel like doing the research myself, this guy has good write ups on individual dividend stocks.” -Othalafehu Blog
  • “I enjoy reading your Seeking Alpha articles and blog.” -JM
  • “Here is a very good newsletter if you are investing” -TM
  • Identified as 1 of 6 popular investment bloggers – Sarwa Blog
  • “This is a valuable site” -D
  • “This is a great service. I am staying with dividend growers.” – WK
  • “I have learned huge knowledge from here. I am waiting for your updates” -AM
  • “Keep up the good work – am a regular reader!” – WiseStacker
  • “Keep up the good work Prakash! Dividend power is quite congruent with my overall investment thesis with many of my clients.” – JB

Guest Posts

We welcome guest posts. Just sign up for the free newsletter and then send an e-mail. Or you can follow Dividend Power on Twitter and send a message. Guest posts must be 1,000+ words and free of grammatical error. Submissions will be checked in Grammarly for grammar, spelling, and plagiarism.

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