The following list of bloggers, authors, and writers who are contributors to the Dividend Power blog.


Dividend Power – Dividend Power is the founder and editor of the Dividend Power blog. Much of the content on stock analysis, dividend growth stock lists, investment insights, and market insights is created by him. You can look at the About page to read about why he started blogging and his investing story.

Christine Seaver

Christine Seaver – Christine is a freelance writer that writes about personal finance, budgeting, and debt. Two of her children are currently in college. Christine writes personal finance content for Dividend Power.

Danny Newman

Danny Newman – Danny is a digital nomad, blogger, and content writer from the UK. A passionate traveller with a perpetual itch in his feet, he’s always on the hunt for the next big adventure. You can learn more about his writing services at Danny writes about personal finance, famous investors, and companies.

Felix Martinez – Felix is a Dividend Growth Investor who has been investing in dividend growth stocks for the past seven years. He has his own blog and runs a YouTube channel called FiscalVoyage. He has written for as well as He focuses on undervalued dividend growth stocks that have the potential for capital return and dividend income. Felix writes detailed analyses about dividend growth stocks and real estate investment trusts (REITs).

Sure Dividend Logo

Sure Dividend – An investment website run by Ben Reynolds from the U.S. The website dates back to 2014. Sure Dividend has contributed guest posts on stock analyses. Sure Divided writes about dividend growth and income stocks for Dividend Power. Disclosure: Dividend Power provides research analysis on several stocks for Sure Dividend‘s database. I am also an Affiliate of Sure Dividend. The following link will give a reduced price for the Sure Dividend Newsletter.

Charles “Chuck” Fournier – Charles is a self-taught investor and runs the Financial Freedom is a Journey blog. He has invested in the North American equities markets for over 33 years. Charles retired from a career in banking and continues to invest as this is something about which he is passionate. Charles writes about US and Canadian dividend stocks.

Nadia Tahir

Nadia Tahir – Nadia is a freelance writer and content creator. She mostly writes in the areas of  lifestyle and personal finance. She also enjoys writing on her blog about motherhood at This Mom is On Fire. Nadia writes about personal finance, famous investors, and companies for Dividend Power.

Steve Cummings

Steve Cummings – Steve is the founder of the personal finance blog The Frugal Expat. As a traveler and expat, he has learned a lot about how to save money, live frugally, and invest for the future. His mission is to help people in saving, investing,  reaching financial independence, and traveling. Steve writes about exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Noah Zelvis

Noah Zelvis – Noah is a freelance writer and copy writer working for Stock Dork. Stock Dork is a platform for stock investors that produces stock market updates, insightful investment tips, and detailed stock reviews. Stock Dork was founded by Adam Garcia. Noah writes about ETFs.