Dividend Investing Resources

Dividend Investing Resources

This page of dividend stock investing resources and recommendations was created for Dividend Power’s readers. I believe that these resources are relevant for dividend growth investing, information on stocks, retirement, and financial independence. These investing resources are services or products that I personally use, or I know will be valuable for my readers.

Disclosure: Dividend Power is an Affiliate for these services and products. I receive a commission for purchases made from the links in the posts at no cost to you. But these are all services or products that I personally use or have verified myself. You can read my Disclosure for additional information.

Dividend Investing Newsletter Resources

Sure Dividend

Sure Dividend Logo

The Sure Dividend Newsletter is a business run by Ben Reynolds and his team. The newsletter focuses on dividend growth investing. They analyze hundreds of stocks and pick the top 10 each month. The top 10 are discussed in greater detail.

I highly recommend this newsletter for DIY investors. Ben and his team at the Sure Dividend Newsletter screen the stocks and highlight the ones that are undervalued and provide decent total return each month. They make the job of picking stocks much easier. You can use the Sure Dividend coupon code DP41off for ~25% off and a discounted price of $158 only through Dividend Power.

Read my Review of the Sure Dividend Newsletter.

Simply Investing

Simply Investing

Simply Investing is a business owned and run by Kanwal Sarai, who focuses on dividend investing.

They provide the Simply Investing Course, which teaches you how to invest in dividend stocks. It is a self-paced, on-line course. I recommend the course for beginner investors and those seeking a refresher.

They also provide the Simply Investing Report & Analysis Platform. It comes out monthly and analyzes over 250 dividend stocks for you. I recommend the report for DIY investors. You can use the Simply Investing coupon code DIVPOWER15 to get 15% off the course.

Read my Review of the Simply Investing Report and Course.

Dividend Investment Research Resources

Stock Rover

Stock Rover is one of the leading resources for investment research and portfolio management combined into one platform for individual investors. However, the platform is used by financial pros too due to institutional grade capabilities. I highly recommend that you take a look at it.

  • Stock Rover is a leading investment research and portfolio management platform.
  • Coverage on over 8,500 stocks, 4,000 ETFs, and 40,000 mutual funds in the US and Canada.
  • Large range of metrics and information about individual stocks. There are also screeners, investment news, research reports, charting capability, analyst rankings, watch lists, portfolios, etc.
  • Stock Rover* is growing rapidly and now has over $11 billion in linked accounts.
  • Best Buy and Hold Screener by Investopedia. Best of the Web by American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) in 2020.
  • 14-day free trial for Stock Rover.

Read my Review of Stock Rover.

Portfolio Insight

Portfolio Insight

Divided Power has partnered with Portfolio Insight. I like using Portfolio Insight for fundamental stock research, watch lists, stock comparison, and ranking.

  • 9,000+ stocks and ETFs from the US
  • 20-years of financial data from S&P Global
  • Dozens of metrics, charting, analytics, screeners, investment news, insights, and more.
  • You can try it out for free for 14-days.
  • You can use Dividend Power’s discount of 20% off the first-year price and sign-up for only $264. I recommend you try out Portfolio Insight.

Dividend Portfolio Management Resources


Passiv is a modern portfolio management tool for do-it-yourself or DIY investors. The website and tool were created by co-Founders Brendan Lee Young and Brendan Wood.

  • Passiv is a website that lets you manage all your brokerage accounts in one place.
  • Features include one-click trades, ability to dollar cost average, rebalancing, target portfolio allocation, model portfolios, cash management rules, goal setting and tracking, and performance tracking. 
  • Passiv has 11,000+ accounts and over $1 billion in linked accounts.
  • Passiv makes managing your dividend growth stock portfolio easier than using spreadsheets. 
  • Passiv is $20 off the first year through Dividend Power for $79. The normal price is $99.

Read my Review of of Passiv – A Modern Portfolio Management Website


TIKR is a website that provides institutional-grade investing tools for small investors. I have been a beta tester for TIKR for many months. During this time I have found TIKR to be an invaluable resource in my articles for Seeking Alpha as well as the Dividend Power blog.

I highly recommend that you take a look at it. There is data on 50,000+ companies globally, charting ability, company news, filings, transcripts, etc. The nice part is that al this information is all in one place.

You can sign up for the wait list at TIKR.

Dividend Investing Brokerage Resources

Tornado (formerly Nvstr)

  • Tornado (formerly Nvstr) is an online modern brokerage platform with a social media feed for news and discussions.
  • Community Thought Leaders and Viewpoint Leaders provide Pros and Cons on stocks and ETFs.
  • Tornado is registered with FINRA, the SEC, and is a member of SPIC.
  • Portfolio optimization tools based on modern portfolio theory (MPT).
  • Ask questions about a specific stock and you will likely get a few of the Leaders posting a Pro or Con.
  • You can try Tornado by applying for an account, linking a bank account, and placing a trade.
  • Investors who sign up can get up to $1,000 cash to invest when you join (selected at random, but you’re guaranteed at least $10).

Review my Review of Tornado (formerly Nvstr).

Thanks for looking at my Dividend Investing Resources!

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