Dividend Cuts

Coronavirus Dividend Cuts and Suspensions List

In this article, we discuss dividend cuts and suspensions starting during the COVID-19 pandemic and oil price wars. The list is updated monthly.

Currently, 737 total companies have cut the dividend since the end of January 2020 to the last update. This number is now well over approximately 10% of all companies that pay dividends on the NYSE and NASDAQ.

Please see the list of dividend cuts and suspensions at the bottom of the article. The searchable and sortable list is in table format. This dividend cut tracker is updated monthly .

Monthly dividend statistics are found on the Recent Dividend Increases tracker.


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Most of the companies that have cut or suspended the dividend due to being impacted by COVID-19 are in the travel, leisure, hospitality, restaurant, REITs, or energy sectors.

The most prominent coronavirus dividend cuts and suspensions to date are Occidental Petroleum (OXY) – twice, Boeing (BA), Ford (F), General Motors (GM), Macy’s (M), Cracker Barrel (CBRL), Marriott International (MAR), GAP (GPS), Disney (DIS), Expedia (EXPE), Tanger Factory Outlet Centers (SKT), Southwest Airlines (LUV), Halliburton (HAL), Rollins (ROL), Urstadt Biddle Properties (UBA), Chico’s FAS (CHS), Kite Realty Group (KRG), Ventas (VTR), Host Hotels & Resorts (HST), Simon Property Group (SPG), Dominion Energy (D), Levi Strauss (LEVI), Wells Fargo (WFC), Macerich (MAC), BP PLC (BP), Vornado Realty (VNO), Capital One Financial (COF), Alliance Bernstein (AB). Blackstone Group (BX), Wyndham Destinations (WYND), Daimler AG (DDAIF), Renault S.A. (RNSDF), Prudential PLC (PUK), Yum China Holdings (YUMC), R.R. Donnelly & Sons (RRD), Foot Locker (FL), Kimco Realty (KIM), Dick’s Sporting Goods (DKS), American Eagle Outfitters (AEO), Anheuser-Busch InBev (BUD), Molson Coors Beverage (TAP), Spirit AeroSystems Holdings (SPR), Energy Transfer LP (ET), Extended Stay American (STAY), Danone SA ADR (DANOY), AT&T (T), International Paper (IP), Compass Minerals (CMP), PPL Corporation (PPL), Exelon (EXC), and several others.

April 2020 was a terrible month as the number of dividend cuts and suspensions was one of the worst on record. According to a recent article, the number of coronavirus dividend cuts and suspensions exceeded the number increasing the dividends for the first time since January 2009. But note that the total number of dividend cuts and suspensions will likely exceed the number during the Great Recession from 2008 – 2009. Thus, even fast-food company dividends may be at risk. This fact points to the need for thoroughly assessing dividend safety.

Note that I acknowledge this list is likely not complete. If you have a company to add to the list that I have missed, please post it to the comments below with the source or contact me on Twitter. The list also generally does not include closed-end funds or ‘CEFs’ or stocks that do not trade on U.S. exchanges for the most part. However, several Canadian stocks and stocks from other countries on the list trade in the U.S. and their home country. There are also European stocks that trade as ADRs on U.S. exchanges on the list. I will add a stock not on the list if my readers provide the ticker and the source.

Coronavirus Dividend Cuts and Suspensions Analyses

The 33 analyses in the list below are about companies that have cut or suspended their dividends during the pandemic. Some of them are favorites of dividend growth investors or investors seeking income.

Dividend Grower and Dividend Paying Stocks Perform Better Over Time

Over more extended periods, dividends tend to go up due to higher company earnings and inflation. Most of us know that stocks that grow or pay a dividend tend to have higher long-term returns. These stocks tend to have not only higher returns but also lower volatility as measured by beta. Of course, a dividends’ contribution to total return varies by decade. But from 1930 to 2018, dividends provided 43% of total returns.

Between 1973 and 2021, Dividend Growers & Initiators had total annual returns of 10.68% with a beta of 0.88. Dividend Payers had total annual returns of 9.60% with a beta of 0.94. Companies that did not change the dividend had total annual returns of 7.08% with a beta of 1.01. Companies that did not pay a dividend had total annual returns of 4.79% with a beta of 1.18. But the worst were companies that cut or eliminated the dividend with total annual returns of (-0.46%) and a beta of 1.22. It seems simplistic then to choose stocks that pay a dividend.

Average Annual Returns and Volatility by Dividend Policy
Source: Ned Davis Research

Short-Term Declines in Dividends Have Happened in The Past

But with that said, there are short-term declines in periods of economic contraction. For example, dividends of many banks, automotive companies, and REITs were cut during the Great Recession. A similar event also happened during World War I, The Great Depression, and World War II. Moreover, some of the declines were severe. For example, an article on Seeking Alpha indicates that:

  • Post-World War One recession and the Spanish flu pandemic (1918-1926): Dividends declined by as much as 33%
  • The Great Depression (1931-1937): Dividends declined by as much as 55%
  • World War Two and related recessions (1937-1949): Dividends declined by as much as 48%
  • Global Financial Crisis (2008-2012): Dividends declined by as much as 24%

Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on Dividends

The exact magnitude of dividend cuts and suspensions resulting from the coronavirus pandemic is unknown at this time. However, a recent study from the University of Chicago says that dividend growth will be reduced by as much as 28%. Note that the paper does not address the magnitude of dividend cuts.

Another recent article has said that companies are suspending dividends at the fastest pace in years. Reportedly, the cuts and suspensions have saved $23 billion for S&P 500 companies. A recent article also pointed out some large companies that are at risk for a dividend cut or suspension due to the coronavirus. Some of these have already done so.

A recent post about the S&P 500 Index indicates that the U.S. dollar value of dividend cuts outpaced dividend increases for the six months through June 2020. This period is unlike comparable six-month periods through June since 2013. The number of increases still outpaced the number of decreases. But you can see in the table below that the number of cuts or negative actions is more than 5X the previous peak. The magnitude of the increases must be small compared to the cuts.

Source: S&P 500 Dow Jones Indices

Global Effect

Globally, dividends fell by $108.1 billion to $382.2 billion or 22% in the second quarter of 2020, according to the Janus Henderson Global Dividend Index commentary. The geographic areas that were most affected were the UK and Europe. In Europe, 54% of companies recused their dividend, and two-thirds of that suspended their dividends. The worst declines were in France, Spain, and Italy. Dividends in Switzerland and Germany faired better. In the UK, more than half of the companies cut or suspended their dividends. The rest of the world did better than Europe and the UK. North America did reasonably well and was flat the second quarter.

Global Dividends
Source: Janus Henderson Global Dividend Index, Edition 27

Despite the attention-grabbing headlines, many North American companies still raised their dividends, and the Canadian market had a net gain. You can see the relative difference between dividends paid and cuts by country in the figure below.

Dividend Paid versus Cuts By Country
Source: Janus Henderson Global Dividend Index, Edition 28

From an industry perspective, the two sectors most affected were financials and consumer discretionary. This fact was due to dividends cuts and suspensions by banks in Europe and the UK. On the other hand, the healthcare and communications sectors were more resistant to dividend cuts. You can see the relative difference between dividends paid and cuts by industry in the figure below.

Dividends Paid and Cuts by Industry
Source: Janus Henderson Global Dividend Index, Edition 28

The relative difference between the magnitudes of the cuts in each sector can be seen below.

Dividend Cuts by Sector
Source: Janus Henderson Global Dividend Index, Edition 28

Why are Dividends Cut or Suspended?

The main reason for the coronavirus dividend cuts or suspensions is to improve financial strength, including reducing cash flow burn rates. For some companies, the dividend is an important cash flow requirement. However, companies are also trying to improve liquidity and strengthen the balance sheet. Right now, most companies are raising cash on hand to deal with the uncertainties associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. Cash on hand will also permit companies to restart operations after the lockdowns and travel restrictions are lifted. This time will be a transition for most companies, and they will need liquidity to pay employees, order supplies and merchandise, and restart the dividends.

The statements in the preceding paragraph are supported by a research paper published on June 16, 2020. The article was titled “Dividend Suspensions and Cash Flow Risk during the Covid-19 Pandemic” by Professors David Pettunuzzo (Brandeis), Riccardo Sabbatucci (Stockholm School of Economics), and Allan Timmermann (UCSD). One finding was that businesses with high leverage and low profitability were more likely to have suspended their dividend during the coronavirus pandemic. Another interesting point was that dividend suspensions had a significant impact on expected future dividend growth and helped predict declines in measures of economic activity.

The researchers also compared dividend suspensions during the sub-prime mortgage crisis of the Great Recession period with dividend suspensions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dividend suspensions were high in the Consumer Non-Durables, Consumer Durables, and Finance sectors during the Great Recession. On the other hand, dividend suspensions are high in Manufacturing, Oil, Gas, and Coal; Wholesale, Retail and Some Services; and Other sectors during the pandemic. Interestingly, there were zero dividend suspensions in the Utilities category (to date) during both periods. Utilities provide an essential service. Take a look at the table below.

Dividend Suspension By Category and Recession
Dividend Suspension By Category and Recession

Additional Coronavirus Dividend Cuts or Suspensions Are Possible

Investors who depend on dividends for much of their income should be ready for further cuts and suspensions in 2020. More companies will likely assess their dividends as Q2 2020 progresses. This action is mostly a matter of survival for them as they shore up their cash balances in the face of reduced consumer demand. A company has several choices to reduce cash flow and preserve cash balances. These include but are not limited to suspending share buybacks, reducing capital expenditures, cutting labor and operating costs, cutting executive salaries, drawing down revolving credit lines, and cutting or suspending the dividend.

Dealing With Investor Uncertainty

What to do in the near term? Whether to sell a dividend stock or not is a difficult question to answer. Pure dividend growth investors probably sell a stock on a divided cut. But reasons exist to hold stocks too after a cut or suspension.

Moreover, It will likely be challenging to stay motivated on the road to financial independence. But most dividend growth investors trying to build wealth know that they need an emergency fund to deal with unexpected events. Indeed, the coronavirus pandemic qualifies as one, and in our mind, it is a ‘Black Swan’ type of event. The emergency fund should be enough for at least three months of expenses at a minimum, in my opinion, and obviously, more extended periods are even better. One may also need to cut costs to reduce cash burn rates.

Because most of the U.S. is under travel restrictions and social distancing orders, this is likely a relatively easy task. No one is taking expensive vacations or eating dinner out at a nice restaurant at the moment. But a challenging exercise of evaluating and cutting non-essential expenses is essential to reduce cash burn rates.

2020 – 2024 Dividend Cuts and Suspensions List

Dividend Cuts and Suspensions - Updated 06/26/24

CompanyTickerDateInitial DividendCurrent DividendLink
Granite Point Mortgage TrustGPMT06/18/24$0.15$0.05Source
Telephone and Data SystemsTDS05/28/24$0.19$0.04Source
National BancsharesNKSH05/17/24$0.78$0.73Source
Cracker Barrel Old Country StoreCBRL05/16/24$1.30$0.25Source
Territorial BancorpTBNK05/15/24$0.05$0.01Source
3M CompanyMMM05/14/24$1.51$0.70Source
Kennedy-Wilson HoldingsKW05/10/24$0.24$0.12Source
Sturm RugerRGR05/09/24$0.23$0.16Source
Compass Minerals InternationalCMP05/07/24$0.15$0.00Source
NY Community BancorpNYCB05/02/24$0.05$0.01Source
Leggett & PlattLEG05/01/24$0.46$0.05Source
Black Stone Minerals, LPBSM04/17/24$0.48$0.38Source
Global Net LeaseGNL04/01/24$0.35$0.28Source
ATN InternationalATN03/18/24$0.24$0.21Source
American Tower CorporationAMT03/15/24$1.70$1.62Source
Granite Point Mortgage TrustGPMT03/14/24$0.20$0.15Source
Ellington FinancialEFC03/11/24$0.15$0.13Source
B. Riley FinancialRILY02/29/24$1.00$0.50Source
Big 5 Sporting GoodsBGFV02/29/24$0.125$0.05Source
Great AjaxAJX02/28/24$0.11$0.10Source
Fidelity National Information ServicesFIS02/26/24$0.52$0.36Source
Bridge Investment Group HoldingsBRDG02/23/24$0.17$0.07Source
Ares Commercial Real EstateACRE02/23/24$0.33$0.25Source
Mountain Commerce BancorpMCBI02/22/24$0.16$0.08Source
Kimball Royalty Partners LPKRP02/22/24$0.51$0.43Source
International Flavors & FragrancesIFF02/22/24$0.81$0.40Source
JBG SMITH PropertiesJBGS02/16/24$0.225$0.175Source
NuSkin EnterprisesNUS02/15/24$0.39$0.06Source
New York Community BankNYCB01/31/24$0.17$0.05Source
Office Properties Income TrustOPI01/12/24$0.25$0.01Source
Walgreens Boots AllianceWBA01/05/24$0.48$0.25Source
Finward BancorpFNWD12/26/23$0.31$0.12Source
Ready CapitalRC12/15/23$0.36$0.30Source
New York Mortgage TrustNYMT12/15/23$0.30$0.20Source
ARMOUR Residential REITARR12/14/23$0.40$0.24Source
W.P. CareyWPC12/07/23$1.0485$0.86Source
Greif Cl BGEF.B12/06/23$0.78$0.77Source
Vornado Realty TrustVNO12/06/23$0.38$0.30Source
SL GreenSLG12/04/23$0.27$0.25Source
First FinancialTHFF11/21/23$0.54$0.45Source
Western Asset Mortgage CapitalWMC11/20/23$0.14$0.10Source
Great AjaxAJX11/02/23$0.20$0.11Source
Chimera InvestmentCIM11/02/23$0.18$0.11Source
Territorial BancorpTBNK10/31/23$0.23$0.05Source
Big 5 Sporting GoodsBGFV10/31/23$0.25$0.125Source
PetMed ExpressPETS10/30/23$0.30$0.00Source
V.F. CorporationVFC10/30/23$0.30$0.09Source
First FoundationFFWM10/27/23$0.02$0.01Source
Sachem CapitalSACH10/23/23$0.13$0.11Source
Orchid Island CapitalORC10/11/23$0.16$0.12Source
Global Net LeaseGNL10/03/23$0.400$0.354Source
Waterstone FinancialWSBF09/26/23$0.20$0.15Source
Investment Credit Management BDCICMB09/21/23$0.13$0.12Source
Brandywine Realty TrustBDN09/20/23$0.19$0.15Source
Claros Mortgage TrustCMTG09/15/23$0.37$0.25Source
Ready CapitalRE09/15/23$0.40$0.36Source
Hawaiian ElectricHE08/24/23$0.36$0.00Source
Chicago Rivet & MachineCVR08/23/23$0.22$0.10Source
Foot LockerFL08/23/23$0.40$0.00Source
Medical Properties TrustMPW08/21/23$0.29$0.15Source
Mativ HoldingsMATV08/09/23$0.40$0.10Source
Consol EnergyCEIX08/08/23$1.10$0.00Source
TXO Energy Pertners L.P.TXO08/08/23$0.50$0.48Source
Icahn Enterprises L.P.IEP08/04/23$2.00$1.00Source
Camping World HoldingsCWH08/02/23$0.625$0.125Source
Piedmont Office Realty TrustPDM07/27/23$0.210$0.125Source
United GuardianUG07/18/23$0.37$0.10Source
Two Harbors InvestmentTWO06/21/23$0.60$0.45Source
Cherry Hill Mortgage InvestmentCHMI06/15/23$0.27$0.15Source
AFC GammaAFCG06/15/23$0.56$0.48Source
Paramount GroupPGRE06/15/23$0.077$0.035Source
Chimera InvestmentCIM06/14/23$0.23$0.18Source
Redwood TrustRWT06/14/23$0.23$0.16Source
Hudson Pacific PropertiesHPP06/09/23$0.250$0.125Source
New York Mortgage TrustNYMT06/06/23$0.40$0.30Source
Citizens HoldingCIZN06/02/23$0.24$0.16Source
Urstadt Biddle PropertiesUBP06/01/23$0.2250$0.2083Source
Advance Auto PartsAAP05/31/23$1.50$0.25Source
Big LotsBIG05/23/23$0.30$0.00Source
Newell BrandsNWL05/16/23$0.23$0.07Source
National BancsharesNKSH05/11/23$0.78$0.73Source
Crescent EnergyCRGY05/10/23$0.17$0.15Source
Paramount GlobalPARA05/09/23$0.24$0.05Source
PacWest BancorpPACW05/08/23$0.25$0.01Source
Bridge InvestmentBRDG05/08/23$0.17$0.15Source
City Office REITCIO05/05/23$0.20$0.10Source
Great AjaxAJX05/05/23$0.25$0.20Source
First FoundationFFWM04/27/23$0.11$0.02Source
Vornado Realty TrustVNO04/26/23$0.375$0.00Source
Via RenewablesVIA04/19/23$0.91$0.00Source
Office Properties Income TrustOPI04/13/23$0.55$0.25Source
Invesco Mortgage CapitalIVR03/27/23$0.650$0.400Source
Western Asset Mortgage CapitalWMC03/22/23$0.40$0.35Source
First Republic BankFRC03/16/23$0.27$0.00Source
BK TechnologiesBKTI03/16/23$0.03$0.00Source
Calavo GrowersCVGW03/14/23$0.29$0.10Source
Manhattan Bridge CapitalLOAN03/13/23$0.1250$0.1125Source
Great Elm CapitalGECC03/13/23$0.45$0.35Source
AMEN PropertiesAMEN03/10/23$12.50$10.00Source
Bridge Investment GroupBRDG03/08/23$0.27$0.17Source
Great AjaxAJX03/03/23$0.27$0.25Source
Eagle Bulk ShippingEGLE03/02/23$1.80$0.60Source
Newtek OneNEWT02/28/23$0.700$0.018Source
Kimball Royalty PartnersKRP02/23/23$0.49$0.48Source
Coterra EnergyCTRA02/22/23$0.68$0.57Source
Marine Petroleum TrustMARPS02/17/23$0.2443$0.1593Source
ARMOUR Residential REITARR02/15/23$0.10$0.08Source
Healthcare Services GroupHCSG02/15/23$0.22$0.00Source
ECA Marcellus TrustECTM02/10/23$0.136$0.124Source
Bebe StoresBEBE02/09/23$0.15$0.02Source
MGM ResortsMGM02/08/23$0.01$0.00Source
V.F. CorpVFC02/07/23$0.51$0.30Source
Vornado Realty TrustVNO01/18/23$0.530$0.375Source
Algonquin Power & UtilitiesAQN01/12/23$0.1808$0.1085Source
KNOP Offshore Partners LPKNOP01/12/23$0.52$0.03Source
Gladstone CommercialGOOD01/10/23$0.13$0.10Source
BP Prudhoe Bay Royalty TrustBPT01/06/23$0.7031$0.2974Source
Granite Point Mortgage TrustGPMT12/20/22$0.25 $0.20 Source
AG Mortgage Investment TrustMITT12/20/22$0.21$0.18Source
Ready CapitalRC12/15/22$0.42 $0.40 Source
Meritage Hospitality GroupMHGU12/15/22$0.12$0.06Source
Ready CapitalRC12/15/22$0.42$0.40Source
AlicoALCO12/14/22$0.50 $0.05 Source
MFA FinancialMFA12/14/22$0.44 $0.35 Source
Douglas EmmettDEI12/08/22$0.28 $0.19 Source
PennyMac Mortgage Investment TrustPMT12/07/22$0.47 $0.40 Source
SL Green RealtySLG12/05/22$0.3108 $0.2708 Source
Bridge Investment GroupBRDG11/30/22$0.30 $0.27 Source
Angel Oak MortgageAOMR11/18/22$0.45 $0.32 Source
Tekla Health InvestorsHQH11/16/22$0.40$0.39Source
Broadmark Realty CapitalBRMK11/16/22$0.070 $0.035 Source
Investcorp Credit ManagementICMB11/15/22$0.15 $0.13 Source
KingstoneKINS11/15/22$0.04 $0.00 Source
B&G FoodsBGS11/09/22$0.475$0.19Source
Southern CopperSCCO11/07/22$0.75$0.50Source
Byline BancorpBY11/04/22$0.0900 $0.0349 Source
Lumen TechnologiesLUMN11/02/22$0.25$0.00Source
Devon EnergyDVN11/01/22$1.55$1.35Source
Sachem CapitalSACH10/27/22$0.14$0.13Source
Fortress TransportationFTAI10/27/22$0.33$0.30Source
VOC Energy TrustVOC10/20/22$0.380$0.365Source
BP Prudhoe Bay Royalty TrustBPT10/13/22$1.4050$0.7031Source
MV Oil TrustMVO10/05/22$0.700$0.685Source
Medalist Diversified REITMDRR10/04/22$0.02$0.01Source
Generation Income PropertiesGIPR10/04/22$0.54$0.39Source
Invesco Mortgage CapitalIVR09/28/22$0.91$0.65Source
Chimera InvestmentCIM09/21/22$0.33$0.23Source
The Marketing AllianceMAAL09/12/22$0.07$0.05Source
Presidio Property TrustSQFT09/02/22$0.106$0.02Source
Newtek BusinessNEWT08/30/22$0.75$0.65Source
Mativ HoldingsMATV08/09/22$0.44$0.40Source
Southern CopperSCCO08/09/22$1.25$0.75Source
Sturm, Ruger & CompanyRGR08/03/22$0.68$0.47Source
Rio TintoRIO07/27/22$5.61$2.31Source
Encompass HealthEHC07/20/22$0.28$0.15Source
Industrial Logistics PropertiesILPT07/14/22$0.33$0.01Source
Franklin Street PropertiesFSP07/05/22$0.09$0.01Source
Healthcare Realty TrustHR07/01/22$0.310$0.201Source
Golden OceanGOGL05/24/22$0.90$0.50Source
United GuardianUG05/19/22$0.65$0.37Source
Sculptor Capital ManagementSCU05/16/22$0.28 $0.11 Source
Eagle Bulk ShippingEGLE05/12/22$2.05$2.00Source
CVR Partners, LPUAN05/11/22$5.24$2.26Source
National CineMediaNCMI05/09/22$0.05$0.03Source
Sissecam Resources LPSIRE05/06/22$0.65$0.50Source
Oasis PetroleumOAS05/04/22$3.00$2.94Source
Ellington Residential Mortgage REITEARN05/02/22$0.10$0.08Source
Western Asset ManagementWEC03/23/22$0.06$0.04Source
Orchid Island CapitalORC03/16/22$0.055$0.045Source
Lument Financial TrustLFT03/15/22$0.09$0.06Source
360 DigiTechQFIN03/12/22$0.28$0.26Source
Gouverneur BancorpGOVB03/09/22$0.12$0.10
Bridge Investment GroupBRDG03/09/22$0.24$0.21Source
James River Group HoldingsJRVR03/02/22$0.30$0.05Source
PPL CorporationPPL02/18/22$0.42$0.20Source
Compass DiversifiedCODI01/05/22$0.36$0.25Source
Compass MineralsCMP11/15/21$0.72$0.15Source
Sturm, Ruger & CompanyRGR11/03/21$1.00$0.79Source
Sprague Resources LPSRLP10/25/21$0.6675$0.4338Source
Permian Basin Royalty TrustPBT10/19/21$0.0231$0.0224Source
CatchMark TimberCTT10/18/21$0.135$0.075Source
International PaperIP10/12/21$.51$0.46Source
San Juan Basin Royalty TrustSJT09/21/21$0.0847$0.0369Source
PermRock Royalty TrustPRT09/21/21$0.06$0.05Source
Permianville Roylaty TrustPVL09/17/21$0.031$0.021Source
Capstead MortgageCMO09/17/21$0.15$0.0725Source
International General InsuranceIGIC08/12/21$0.17$0.16Source
Washington Real EstateWRE07/29/21$0.30$0.17Source
Hoegh LNG Partners LPHMLP07/27/21$0.44$0.01Source
Shell Midstream Energy Partners L.P.MPLX07/22/21$0.46$0.30Source
DTE EnergyDTE06/24/21$1.09$0.825Source
National Health InvestorsNHI06/03/21$1.10$0.90Source
Genie EnergyGNE03/11/21$0.09$-Source
Acadia Realty TrustAKR03/05/21$0.29$-Source
Danone S.A. ADRDANOY02/19/21€ 2.10€ 1.94Source
Antero MidstreamAM02/17/21$0.31$0.23Source
Corby Spirit and WineCBYDF02/11/21$0.22$0.21Source
Healthpeak PropertiesPEAK02/09/21$0.37$0.30Source
DHT HoldingsDHT02/08/21$0.20$0.05Source
Pzena Investment ManagementPZN02/02/21$0.30$0.25Source
JD BancsharesJDVB01/21/21$0.59$0.45Source
RioCan Real Estate Investment TrustRIOCF01/15/21$0.12$0.08Source
RiverNorth Opportunities FundRIV01/05/21$0.18$0.17Source
Trinseo S.A.TSE12/16/20$0.40$0.08Source
Paramount GroupPGRE12/15/20$0.10$0.07Source
Crazy Woman Creek BancorpCRZY12/02/20$0.33$0.30Source
United GuardianUG11/20/20$0.42$0.36Source
United Fire GroupUFCS11/20/20$0.33$0.15Source
Nordic American TankersNAT11/17/20$0.20$0.04Source
Retail ValueRVI11/13/20$2.05$1.16Source
Israel ChemicalsICL11/13/20$0.28$0.23Source
Newtek BusinessNEWT11/11/20$0.58$0.47Source
Rattler Midstream LPRTLR11/05/20$0.29$0.20Source
Computer Programs and SystemsCPSI11/05/20$0.10$-Source
Delek US HoldingsDK11/04/20$0.31$-Source
North European Oil Roylty TrustNRT10/30/20$0.08$0.02Source
Dover MotorsportsDVD10/28/20$0.10$0.07Source
Energy Transfer LPET10/26/20$0.31$0.15Source
Canadian Banc CorpCNDCF10/21/20$0.06$0.06Source
Elmer BancorpELMA10/01/20$0.30$0.16Source
Mack-Cali RealtyCLI09/30/20$0.20$-Source
Berkshire Hills BancorpBHLB09/08/20$0.24$0.12Source
Gouverneur BancorpGOVB09/02/20$0.17$0.12Source
Royce Value TrustRVT09/01/20$0.26$0.25Source
Empire State Realty TrustESRT08/27/20$0.11$-Source
Raven IndustriesRAVN08/26/20$0.13$-Source
Marine Petroleum TrustMARPS08/21/20$0.10$0.04Source
Cominar Real Estate Investment TrustCMLEF08/18/20$0.06$0.03Source
Aegeon N.V.AEG08/13/20€ 0.15€ 0.06Source
Prudential PLCPUK08/12/20$0.12$0.05Source
Brigham MineralsMNRL08/12/20$0.37$0.14Source
Xperi HoldingXPER08/10/20$0.20$0.05Source
Garrison CapitalGARS08/10/20$0.15$0.05Source
BlackRock TCP CapitalTCPC08/06/20$0.36$0.30Source
GEO GroupGEO08/06/20$0.48$0.34Source
Apollo InvestmentAINV08/06/20$0.45$0.31Source
Chesapeake Granite Wash TrustCHKR08/05/20$0.03$0.01Source
TCG BDCCGBD08/04/20$0.37$0.32Source
BP PLCBP08/04/20$0.63$0.32Source
Viper EnergyVNOM08/03/20$0.10$0.03Source
Capital Product PartnersCPLP07/31/20$0.35$0.10Source
Capital One FinancialCOF07/31/20$0.40$0.10Source
Vornado Realty TrustVNO07/30/20$0.66$0.53Source
Hanmi FinancialHAFC07/29/20$0.24$0.08Source
Pacific FinancialPFLC07/28/20$0.11$0.08Source
Maxim Integrated ProductsMXIM07/28/20$0.48$-Source
Martin Midstream Partners LPMMLP07/28/20$0.06$0.01Source
Boston Private FinancialBPFH07/28/20$0.12$0.06Source
Kimbell Royalty PartnersKRP07/24/20$0.17$0.13Source
Suburban Propane PartnersSPH07/23/20$0.60$0.30Source
Mullen GroupMLLGF07/23/20$0.05$0.03Source
Dorcester MineralsDMLP07/23/20$0.48$0.23Source
Blackstone GroupBX07/23/20$0.39$0.37Source
San Juan Basin Royalty TrustSJT07/21/20$0.08$-Source
Wyndham DestinationsWYND07/20/20$0.50$0.30Source
MetroCity BanksharesMCBS07/15/20$0.77$0.09Source
Codorus Valley BancorpCVLY07/15/20$0.16$0.10Source
Wells Fargo & CompanyWFC07/14/20$0.51$0.10Source
Saratoga InvestmentSAR07/08/20$0.56$0.40Source
Daimler AGDDAIF07/08/20€ 3.25€ 0.90Source
RiverNorth Specialty FinanceRSF07/07/20$0.18$0.15Source
Levi StraussLEVI07/07/20$0.08$-Source
MV Oil TrustMVO07/06/20$0.19$-Source
Dominion EnergyD07/05/20$0.94$0.63Source
Stellus Capital InvestmentSCM07/01/20$0.34$0.25Source
Simon Property GroupSPG06/29/20$2.10$1.30Source
Permian Basin Royalty TrustPBT06/19/20$0.02$0.00Source
Mesa Royalty TrustMTR06/19/20$0.02$-Source
Armanino Foods of DistinctionAMNF06/19/20$0.03$0.02Source
Saga CommunicationsSGA06/18/20$0.32$-Source
Kite Realty Group TrustKRG06/18/20$0.32$0.05Source
Cherry Hill Mortgage InvestmentCHMI06/18/20$0.40$0.27Source
TPG RE Finance TrustTRTX06/17/20$0.43$0.20Source
Apollo Commerical Real EstateARI06/16/20$0.40$0.35Source
Ready CapitalRC06/15/20$0.40$0.25Source
Permianville Royalty TrustPVL06/15/20$0.02$0.00Source
Independence Realty TrustIRT06/15/20$0.18$0.12Source
Plymouth Industrial REITPLYM06/12/20$0.38$0.20Source
Annaly Capital ManagementNLY06/10/20$0.25$0.22Source
Dynex CapitalDX06/10/20$0.15$0.13Source
Crown CraftsCRWS06/10/20$0.08$-Source
Chimera InvestmentsCIM06/10/20$0.50$0.30Source
Chico's FASCHS06/10/20$0.09$-Source
Urstadt Biddle PropertiesUBA06/08/20$0.28$0.06Source
Taubman CentersTCO06/05/20$0.68$-Source
A.H. BeloAHC06/03/20$0.08$0.04Source
Pennant Park InvestmentPNNT06/02/20$0.18$0.12Source
Oxford Square CapitalOXSQ06/02/20$0.07$0.04Source
Flexsteel IndustriesFLXS06/01/20$0.22$0.05Source
Occidental PetroleumOXY05/29/20$0.11$0.01Source
Lamar Advertising AgencyLAMR05/28/20$1.00$0.50Source
Ladder CapitalLADR05/28/20$0.34$0.20Source
DXC TechnologyDXC05/28/20$0.21$-Source
United BancsharesUBOH05/27/20$0.14$0.07Source
Ralph LaurenRL05/27/20$0.6875$-Source
Big 5 Sporting GoodsBGFV05/27/20$0.10$-Source
Magic Software EnterprisesMGIC05/26/20$0.16$0.08Source
Elbit SystemsESLT05/26/20$0.44$0.35Source
Molson Coors BeverageTAP05/22/20$0.57$-Source
Foot LockerFL05/22/20$0.40$-Source
America First Multifamily InvestorsATAX05/22/20$0.13$0.06Source
Abercrombie & FitchANF05/22/20$0.20$-Source
Ross StoresROST05/21/20$0.29$-Source
Old Dominion Freight LineODFL05/21/20$0.15$0.15Source
National Oilwell VarcoNOV05/20/20$0.05$-Source
National BanksharesNKSH05/20/20$0.72$0.67Source
Haverty Furniture CompaniesHVT05/20/20$0.20$0.15Source
Elmira Savings BankESBK05/20/20$0.23$0.15Source
Extended Stay AmericaSTAY05/19/20$0.23$0.01Source
Red Rock ResortsRRR05/19/20$0.10$-Source
ARMOUR Residential REITARR05/19/20$0.17$0.09Source
Imperial Brands PLCIMBBY05/18/20$0.89$0.59Source
Tekla Healthcare InvestorsHQH05/18/20$0.47$0.41Source
Cross Timbers Realty TrustCRT05/18/20$0.09$0.06Source
Crawford & CompanyCRD.A05/18/20$0.07$0.03Source
Crawford & CompanyCRD.A05/18/20$0.07$0.03Source
PB Logistics LPPBLX05/15/20$0.52$0.30Source
PBF Logisitcs LPPBFX05/15/20$0.52$0.30Source
Strattec SecuritySTRT05/14/20$0.14$-Source
Melco Resorts & EntertainmentMLCO05/14/20$0.17$-Source
Condor Hospitality TrustCDOR05/14/20$0.20$-Source
Braemer Hotels & ResortsBHR05/14/20$0.16$-Source
Penske Automotive GroupPAG05/13/20$0.42$-Source
Linamar CorporationLIMAF05/13/20$0.09$0.04Source
Jack In The BoxJACK05/13/20$0.40$-Source
Ituran Location and ControlITRN05/13/20$0.24$-Source
International Game Technology PLCIGT05/13/20$0.20$-Source
bebe storesBEBE05/13/20$0.17$0.06Source
Artisan Partners Asset ManagementAPAM05/13/20$0.68$0.61Source
Wyndham Hotels & ResortsWH05/12/20$0.32$0.08Source
Cantel MedicalCMD05/12/20$0.11$-Source
Allegiant TravelALGT05/12/20$0.70$-Source
Tanger Factory Outlet CentersSKT05/11/20$0.3575$-Source
Salem Media GroupSALM05/11/20$0.03$-Source
RPT RealtyRPT05/11/20$0.22$-Source
Rocky Mountain Chocolate FactoryRMCF05/11/20$0.12$-Source
Medley CapitalMCC05/11/20$1.06$-Source
Investcorp Credit Management BDCICMB05/11/20$0.25$0.15Source
Ethan Allen InteriorsETH05/11/20$0.21$-Source
Preferred Apartment CommunitiesAPTS05/11/20$0.2625$0.175Source
Monroe CapitalMRCC05/09/20$0.35$0.25Source
Solar Senior CapitalSUNS05/08/20$0.12$0.10Source
New Senior Investment GroupSNR05/08/20$0.13$0.07Source
U.S SilicaSLCA05/08/20$0.02$-Source
Sunstone Hotel InvestorsSHO05/08/20$0.05$-Source
Outfront MediaOUT05/08/20$0.38$-Source
OFS CapitalOFS05/08/20$0.34$0.17Source
Kimco RealtyKIM05/08/20$0.28$-Source
Colony CapitalCLNY05/08/20$0.11$-Source
Exantas CapitalXAN05/07/20$0.275$-Source
Weingarten Realty InvestorsWRI05/07/20$0.40$0.18Source
Salient Midstream & MLP FundSMM05/07/20$0.24$0.17Source
ProAssurance CorpPRA05/07/20$0.31$0.05Source
Panhandle Oil and GasPHX05/07/20$0.04$0.01Source
Newmark GroupNMRK05/07/20$0.10$0.01Source
New Mountain FinanceNMFC05/07/20$0.34$0.30Source
Kontoor BrandsKTB05/07/20$0.56$-Source
Kingstone CompaniesKINS05/07/20$0.0625$0.04Source
KAR Auction ServicesKAR05/07/20$0.19$-Source
Host Hotels & ResortsHST05/07/20$0.20$-Source
GasLog PartnersGLOP05/07/20$0.561$0.125Source
Falcon MineralsFLMN05/07/20$0.14$0.03Source
THL CreditFCRD05/07/20$0.21$0.10Source
BT Group plcBTGOF05/07/20$0.08$-Source
BrightSphere Investment GroupBSIG05/07/20$0.10$0.01Source
Brixmor Property GroupBRX05/07/20$0.285$-Source
BG StaffingBGSF05/07/20$0.30$0.05Source
Wynn ResortsWYNN05/06/20$1.00$-Source
Western Asset Mortgage CapitalWMC05/06/20$0.31$-Source
Marriott Vacations WorldwideVAC05/06/20$0.54$-Source
CVR Partners LPUAN05/06/20$0.07$-Source
Sculptor CapitalSCU05/06/20$0.53$-Source
Office DepotODP05/06/20$0.025$-Source
Marathon OilMRO05/06/20$0.05$-Source
Genco Shipping & TradingGNK05/06/20$0.18$0.02Source
FS KKR CapitalFSK05/06/20$0.19$0.15Source
EPR PropertiesEPR05/06/20$0.3825$-Source
Evolution PetroleumEPM05/06/20$0.10$0.03Source
GrafTech InternationalEAF05/06/20$0.085$0.01Source
CVR EnergyCVR05/06/20$0.80$0.40Source
CVR EnergyCVI05/06/20$0.80$0.40Source
Cresecent Point EnergyCPG05/06/20$0.01$0.00Source
BlackRock Capital InvestmentBKCC05/06/20$0.14$0.10Source
Amplify EnergyAMPY05/06/20$0.10$-Source
Suncor EnergySU05/05/20$0.465$0.21Source
Sabine Royalty TrustSBR05/05/20$0.26$0.15Source
Retail Properties of AmericaRPAI05/05/20$0.17$-Source
National CineMediaNCMI05/05/20$0.19$0.07Source
The Walt Disney CompanyDIS05/05/20$0.88$-Source
The Cheesecake FactoryCAKE05/05/20$0.36$-Source
Great AjaxAJX05/05/20$0.32$0.17Source
Oxford Lane CapitalOXLC05/04/20$0.14$0.07Source
Summit Midstream PartnersSMLP05/03/20$0.13$-Source
Piper Sandler CompaniesPIPR05/01/20$0.38$0.20Source
PacWest BancorpPACW05/01/20$0.60$0.25Source
NUStar Energy L.P.NS05/01/20$0.60$0.40Source
National Research Corp.NRC05/01/20$0.21$-Source
Apollo Global ManagementAPO05/01/20$0.89$0.42Source
Western DigitalWDC04/30/20$0.50$-Source
Universal Logistics HoldingsULH04/30/20$0.11$-Source
SITE CentersSITC04/30/20$0.20$-Source
Royal Dutch ShellRDS.A04/30/20$0.94$0.32Source
MGM Resorts InternationalMGM04/30/20$0.15$0.00Source
Mercer InternationalMERC04/30/20$0.14$0.07Source
The Marcus CorporationMCS04/30/20$0.17$-Source
Great Western BancorpGWB04/30/20$0.30$0.15Source
Gaming and Leisure PropertiesGLPI04/30/20$0.70$0.60Source
Fidus InvestmentFDUS04/30/20$0.39$0.30Source
Dunkin BrandsDNKN04/30/20$0.40$-Source
Alexander & BaldwinALEX04/30/20$0.19$-Source
Altra Industrial MotionAIMC04/30/20$0.17$0.04Source
Armada Hoffler PropertiesAHH04/30/20$0.22$-Source
American Airlines GroupAAL04/30/20$0.10$-Source
Standard Motor ProductsSMP04/29/20$0.25$-Source
Marine ProductsMPX04/29/20$0.12$0.08Source
Fresh Del Monte ProduceFDP04/29/20$0.10$0.05Source
Airbus SE ADREADSY04/29/20$0.47$-Source
Dine Brands GlobalDIN04/29/20$0.76$-Source
Capital Properties Real EstateCPTP04/29/20$0.07$-Source
Cadence BancorporationCADE04/29/20$0.18$0.05Source
Yum China HoldingsYUMC04/28/20$0.12$-Source
O-I GlassOI04/28/20$0.05$-Source
Southwest AirlinesLUV04/28/20$0.18$-Source
Citi TrendsCTRN04/28/20$0.08$-Source
CorEnergy Infrastructure TrustCORR04/28/20$0.75$0.05Source
American Assets TrustAAT04/28/20$0.30$0.20Source
Universal Health ServicesUHS04/27/20$0.20$-Source
NGL Energy PartnersNGL04/27/20$0.40$0.20Source
General MotorsGM04/27/20$0.38$-Source
Global PartnersGLP04/27/20$0.53$0.39Source
Equitrans MidstreamETRN04/27/20$0.45$0.15Source
Equity Midstream PartnersEQM04/27/20$1.16$0.39Source
Copa HoldingsCPA04/27/20$0.80$-Source
CNX Midstream PartnersCNXM04/27/20$0.41$0.08Source
Affiliated Managers GroupAMG04/27/20$0.32$0.01Source
SandRidge Mississippina Trust ISDT04/25/20$0.04$0.04Source
Southern CopperSCCO04/25/20$0.40$0.20Source
Holly Energy PartnersHEP04/24/20$0.67$0.35Source
Community West BancsharesCWBC04/24/20$0.06$0.05Source
CONSOL Coal Resources LPCCR04/24/20$0.51$-Source
USG PartnersUSDP04/23/20$0.37$0.11Source
First SourceSRCE04/23/20$0.29$0.28Source
SandRidge Permian TrustPER04/23/20$0.08$-Source
Northern Technologies InternationalNTIC04/23/20$0.07$-Source
Lifetime BrandsLCUT04/23/20$0.04$-Source
Expedia GroupEXPE04/23/20$0.34$-Source
Equinor ASAEQNR04/23/20$0.26$0.09Source
DMC GlobalBOOM04/23/20$0.13$-Source
Arch ResourcesARCH04/23/20$0.50$-Source
Alliance Data SystemsADS04/23/20$0.63$0.21Source
Retail Opportunity InvestmentsROIC04/22/20$0.20$-Source
Manning & NapierMN04/22/20$0.02$-Source
Inter ParfumsIPAR04/22/20$0.33$-Source
Choice Hotel's InternationalCHH04/22/20$0.23$-Source
Bluegreen VacationsBXG04/22/20$0.13$-Source
Black Stone MineralsBSM04/22/20$0.30$0.08Source
BBX CapitalBBX04/22/20$0.06$-Source
Landmark Infrastructure PartnersLMRK04/21/20$0.37$0.20Source
HCA HealthcareHCA04/21/20$0.43$-Source
Hyatt HotelsH04/21/20$0.20$-Source
TechnipFMC PLCFTI04/21/20$0.13$0.03Source
Anworth Mortgage AssetANH04/21/20$0.09$0.05Source
Western Midstream PartnersWES04/20/20$0.62$0.31Source
RBB BancorpRBB04/20/20$0.12$0.06Source
HDFC Bank LimitedHDFC04/18/20$0.32$-Source
VOC Energy TrustVOC04/17/20$0.11$0.03Source
Orange S.A.ORAN04/17/20$0.45$0.23Source
Las Vegas SandsLVS04/17/20$0.79$-Source
Chesapeake Energy (Preferred)CHK04/17/20$1.13$-Source
InfraCap MLP ETFAMZA04/17/20$0.30$0.25Source
MTS Systems CorporationMTSC04/16/20$0.30$-Source
LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis VuittonLVMHF04/16/20$6.90$5.20Source
Goodyear Tire & RubberGT04/16/20$0.16$-Source
Green Plains PartnersGPP04/16/20$0.48$0.12Source
Cedar FairFUN04/16/20$0.94$-Source
Dana IncorproatedDAN04/16/20$0.10$-Source
Columbia SportswearCOLM04/16/20$0.26$-Source
Surge EnergyZPTAF04/15/20$0.00$-Source
Noble EnergyNBL04/15/20$0.12$0.02Source
Kelly ServicesKELYA04/15/20$0.08$-Source
Haldor EnergyHNRG04/15/20$0.04$-Source
HeadHunter GroupHHR04/15/20$0.50$-Source
Estee LauderEL04/15/20$0.48$-Source
Eagle Point Credit CompanyECC04/15/20$0.20$0.08Source
Cinemark HoldingsCNK04/15/20$0.36$-Source
Howmet AerospaceHWM04/14/20$0.02$-Source
Gladstone CapitalGLAD04/14/20$0.07$0.07Source
Dick's Sporting GoodsDKS04/14/20$0.31$-Source
Anheuser-Busch InBevBUD04/14/20$2.00$1.00Source
Publicis Group S.A.PUBGY04/13/20$0.59$0.30Source
Mesabi TrustMSB04/13/20$0.70$0.56Source
Harvest Capital Credit CorporationHCAP04/13/20$0.08$-Source
Genesis EnergyGEL04/13/20$0.55$0.15Source
Golub Capital BDCGBDC04/13/20$0.33$0.29Source
Eagle MaterialsEXP04/13/20$0.10$-Source
Broadmark Realty CapitalBRMK04/13/20$0.08$0.06Source
Royal Caribbean GroupRCL04/10/20$0.78$-Source
SM Energy CompanySM04/09/20$0.05$0.01Source
Renault SARNSDF04/09/20€ 1.10€ -Source
REV GroupREVG04/09/20$0.05$-Source
Freehold RoyaltiesFRHLF04/09/20$0.05$0.02Source
CorePoint LodgingCPLG04/09/20$0.20$-Source
Six Flags EntertainmentSIX04/08/20$0.25$-Source
Orchid Island CapitalORC04/08/20$0.08$0.06Source
Ellington FinancialEFC04/8/20$0.15$0.08Source
AGNC InvestmentAGNC04/08/20$0.16$0.12Source
William H. SadlierSADL04/7/20$1.15$-Source
PVH CorpPVH04/07/20$0.04$-Source
Plains All American PipelinePAGP04/07/20$0.36$0.18Source
Plains All American PipelinePAA04/07/20$0.36$0.18Source
Group 1 AutomotiveGPI04/07/20$0.30$-Source
Continental ResourcesCLR04/07/20$0.05$-Source
R.R. Donnelly & SonsRRD04/06/20$0.03$-Source
CNH Industrial N.V.CNHI04/06/20$0.20$-Source
The Cato CorporationCATO04/06/20$0.33$-Source
Diversified RoyaltyBEVFF04/06/20$0.02$0.02Source
Herman MillerMLHR04/03/20$0.21$-Source
Diversified Healthcare TrustDHC04/03/20$0.15$0.01Source
BP Prudhoe Bay Royalty TrustBPT04/03/20$0.42$-Source
Banco Santander S.A.SAN04/02/20$0.11$-Source
Dave & Buster's EntertainmentPLAY04/02/20$0.16$-Source
Norsk HydroNHYDY04/02/20$0.12$-Source
Macquarie InfrastructureMIC04/02/20$1.00$-Source
Liberty OilfieldLBRT04/02/20$0.05$-Source
Enable Midstream Partners LPENBL04/02/20$0.33$0.17Source
Brinker InternationalEAT04/02/20$0.38$-Source
Cenovus EnergyCVE04/02/20$0.63$-Source
CenterPoint EnergyCNP04/02/20$0.29$0.15Source
Bassett Furniture IndustriesBSET04/02/20$0.13$-Source
Bed, Bath & BeyondBBBY04/02/20$0.17$-Source
American Eagle OutfittersAEO04/02/20$0.14$-Source
Veolia Environment S.A.VEOEY04/01/20$1.03$0.54Source
Royal Bank of ScotlandRBS04/01/20$0.13$-Source
Murphy Oil CorporationMUR04/01/20$0.25$0.13Source
Vail ResortsMTN04/01/20$1.76$-Source
Lloyds Banking GroupLYG04/01/20$0.10$-Source
HSBC HoldingsHSBC04/01/20$0.21$-Source
Helmerich & PayneHP04/01/20$0.71$0.25Source
Global Net LeaseGNL04/01/20$0.53$0.40Source
Golar LNG Partners LPGMLP04/01/20$0.40$0.02Source
Global Net LeaseGBL04/01/20$0.53$0.40Source
Capitala Finance CorpCPTA04/01/20$0.08$0.08Source
Berry CorporationBRY04/01/20$0.12$-Source
Xenia Hotels & ResortsXHR03/31/20$0.28$-Source
WPP plcWPP03/31/20$1.39$-Source
Urban Edge PropertiesUE03/31/20$0.22$-Source
Tremont MortgageTRMT03/31/20$0.22$0.01Source
Children's PlacePLCE03/31/20$0.56$-Source
Pennsylvania REITPEI03/31/20$0.21$0.02Source
New ResidentialNRZ03/31/20$0.50$0.05Source
US EcologyECOL03/31/20$0.18$-Source
Carnival CorporationCCL03/31/20$0.50$-Source
Service Properties TrustSVC03/30/20$0.54$0.01Source
Steve MaddenSHOO03/30/20$0.15$-Source
Ruth's Hospitality GroupRUTH03/30/20$0.15$-Source
PBF EnergyPBF03/30/20$0.30$-Source
Inter Pipeline Ltd.IPPLF03/30/20$0.14$0.04Source
ING Groep N.V.ING03/30/20$0.49$-Source
Cedar RealtyCDR03/30/20$0.05$0.01Source
Alliance Resource PartnersARLP03/30/20$0.40$-Source
American Finance TrustAFIN03/30/20$1.10$0.85Source
Redwood TrustRWT03/28/20$0.32$-Source
The TJX CompaniesTJX03/27/20$0.92$-Source
AG Mortgage Investment TrustMITT03/27/20$0.45$-Source
L BrandsLB03/27/20$0.30$-Source
Apollo Commercial Real EstateARI03/27/20$0.46$0.40Source
Signet JewlersSIG03/26/20$0.37$-Source
Oxford IndustriesOXM03/26/20$0.37$0.25Source
MFA FinancialMFA03/26/20$0.20$-Source
Hilton Worldwide HoldingsHLT03/26/20$0.15$-Source
Granite Point Mortgage TrustGPMT03/26/20$0.42$-Source
EQT CorporationEQT03/26/20$0.03$-Source
BGC PartnersBGCP03/26/20$0.14$-Source
Arlington Asset InvestmentAI03/26/20$0.23$-Source
Texas RoadhouseTXRH03/25/20$0.36$-Source
Two Harbors InvestmentTWO03/25/20$0.40$-Source
Sabra Health Care REITSBRA03/25/20$0.45$0.30Source
PennyMac Mortgage Investment TrustPMT03/25/20$0.47$0.25Source
Nabors IndustriesNBR03/25/20$0.01$-Source
Noble Midstream Partners LPNBLX03/25/20$0.69$0.19Source
Summit HotelINN03/25/20$0.18$-Source
Summit Hotel PropertiesINN03/25/20$0.18$-Source
City Office REITCIO03/25/20$0.24$0.15Source
Cracker Barrel Old Country StoreCBRL03/25/20$1.30$-Source
Boyd GamingBYD03/25/20$0.07$-Source
Alaska Air GroupALK03/25/20$0.38$-Source
Whitestone REITWSR03/24/20$0.10$0.04Source
Triumph GroupTGI03/24/20$0.04$-Source
EnLink MidstreamENLC03/24/20$0.19$0.09Source
Orion Engineered Carbons S.A.OEC03/23/20$0.20$-Source
New York Mortgagte TrustNYMT03/23/20$0.80$-Source
Invesco Mortgage CapitalIVR03/23/20$0.50$0.02Source
DCP MidstreamDCP03/23/20$0.78$0.39Source
BJ's RestaurantsBJRI03/23/20$0.13$-Source
Ashford Hospitality TrustAHT03/21/20$0.06$-Source
Calvin B. Taylor BancsharesTYCB03/20/20$0.31$0.26Source
PermRock Royalty TrustPRT03/20/20$0.05$0.01Source
Emerald HoldingsEEX03/20/20$0.08$-Source
Delta AirlinesDAL03/20/20$0.40$-Source
Bloomin BrandsBLMN03/20/20$0.20$-Source
Apple Hospitality REITAPLE03/20/20$1.20$-Source
Targa ResourcesTRGP03/19/20$0.91$0.10Source
Hersha HospitalityHT03/19/20$0.28$-Source
Flexible Solutions InternationalFSI03/19/20$0.08$-Source
Ford Motor CompanyF03/19/20$0.15$-Source
Darden RestaurantsDRI03/19/20$0.88$-Source
RLJ Lodging TrustRLJ03/18/20$0.33$0.01Source
Marriott InternationalMAR03/18/20$0.48$-Source
Guess', IncGES03/18/20$0.11$-Source
DiamondRock HospitalityDRH03/18/20$0.13$-Source
Southerly HotelsSOHO03/17/20$0.13$-Source
Ryman Hospitality PropertiesRHP03/17/20$0.95$-Source
Kosmos EnergyKOS03/17/20$0.05$-Source
Designer BrandsDBI03/17/20$0.25$0.10Source
Chatham Lodging TrustCLDT03/17/20$0.11$-Source
Vermilion EnergyVET03/16/20$0.12$0.02Source
Park Hotels & ResortsPK03/16/20$0.45$-Source
Pebblebrook HotelPEB03/16/20$0.38$0.01Source
Canterbury Park HoldingCPHC03/16/20$0.07$-Source
Core Laboratories N.V.CLB03/16/20$0.25$0.01Source
QEP ResourcesQEP03/13/20$0.02$-Source
Ark RestaurantsARKR03/13/20$0.25$-Source
Arc ResourcesAETUF03/13/20$0.05$0.02Source
AMEN PropertiesAMEN03/12/20$20.00$10.00Source
MIND C.T.I. Ltd.MNDO03/11/20$0.26$0.24Source
Occidental PetroleumOXY03/10/20$0.79$0.11Source
Vector GroupVGR03/05/20$0.40$0.20Source
Pacific Coast Oil TrustROYT03/04/20$0.00$-Source
Washington Prime GroupWPG02/27/20$0.25$0.13Source
Seadrill Partners LLCSDLPF02/27/20$0.01$-Source
Range ResourcesRRC02/27/20$0.02$-Source
AMC EntertainmentAMC02/27/20$0.20$0.03Source
Jernigan CapitalJCAP02/21/20$0.35$0.23Source
JMP Group LLCJMP02/19/20$0.04$-Source
Spirit AeroSystems HoldingsSPR02/07/20$0.12$0.01Source
Manhattan Bridge CapitalLOAN02/07/20$0.12$0.11Source
Whiting USA Trust IIWHZT02/6/20$0.06$0.01Source
ECA Marcellus Trust IECMT02/6/20$0.02$0.02Source
Westwood HoldingsWHG02/05/20$0.72$0.43Source
TESSCO TechnologiesTESS01/27/20$0.20$0.02Source

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108 thoughts on “Coronavirus Dividend Cuts and Suspensions List

  1. Thanks for the comment! Yes, the list will certainly get longer. I need to add a few today. -DP

  2. Thanks for putting this together — I’ve been using dividend strength / depth as one of my inputs in deciding whether to buy some of the ST corporate bonds that were on sale recently and also in evaluating which preferreds are worth the risk right now.

    But, I didn’t see IVR on your list. They’ve only put out a press release announcing the initial delay in the quarterly dividends after they had confirmed the record date, but there’s a subsequent 8-K which says this “With respect to the foregoing, the Company has revoked the March 30, 2020 record date of its previously declared common stock dividend. The Company will continue to evaluate its liquidity situation and plans to provide updates regarding any future dividends when available.” The url is:

    Also there’s a significant formatting issue for the table in my browser (Windows 10/Chrome). I can send you a screenshot if you shoot me an email.

    Thanks very much.

    1. Hello Gary,

      Thanks for the comment. I will add IVR to the list. Thanks for pointing out the company’s cut and providing the link. I am aware of the formatting issue for some of my readers. The table works on my Safari browser. But I think that even those with formatting issues the links still work. I will look into posting it in a different way in my next update. You can reach me by e-mail at the e-mail icon in the social media icons area (top right or bottom center).

      Dividend Power

    2. Hello Gary,

      I changed the formatting and there way the hyperlinks are presented. It should show up cleaner in your browser now.


    1. Sorry, I don’t know your name. I would appreciate if I could have a copy
      of your 12 Rules of Simple Investing. Thank you.

      1. Thanks for the e-mail. Please click on the link to the Simply Investing website. Dividend Power is an affiliate of them. They have the 12 Rules of Simply Investing, and you can sign up there.

  3. Circling back on IVR — they eventually announced that they would pay the Q1 @ 0.50, BUT, only 0.05 will be in cash and the remaining 0.45 in stock. It went ex- on 5/20, paying 6/30.

    For Q2, they will pay a regular cash dividend, but have cut it to 0.02. Source for all of this is here:


    1. Thanks for the info! I update the table to show that the regular cash dividend is now $0.02.

    1. So CLDT suspended its dividend on March 17, 2020. The Trust reported Q2 2020 results on August 5, 2020. It is still operating at reduced occupancy levels of about 34%. It has a net loss, negative adjusted EBITDA, and negative adjusted FFO. Below is a quote from the release on the dividend:

      “Suspended its monthly dividend entirely, preserving approximately $5.3 million per month and approximately $64 million on an annualized basis.”

      and also

      “Chatham paid 2020 dividends of $0.22 per common share during the first quarter and has indefinitely suspended its monthly dividend. Although not expected, any dividend required for Chatham to maintain its REIT status for 2020 will be declared in the 2020 fourth quarter and paid in January 2021. Pursuant to its amended credit facility, any dividends paid would include a cash component no greater than the minimum percentage allowed under the Internal Revenue Code.”

      So, as of now it looks like CLDT will not be paying its monthly dividend in the foreseeable future.

    1. The requirements are:

      To qualify as a REIT, a company must own real estate that generates income and is distributed to shareholders. Specifically, according to Investopedia, a REIT must

      Invest at least 75% of total assets in real estate, cash, or U.S. Treasuries
      Derive at least 75% of gross income from rents, interest on mortgages that finance real property, or real estate sales
      Pay a minimum of 90% of taxable income in the form of shareholder dividends each year
      Be an entity that’s taxable as a corporation
      Be managed by a board of directors or trustees
      Have at least 100 shareholders after its first year of existence
      Have no more than 50% of its shares held by five or fewer individuals

  4. when I try to sort by dates, your list does not come up in date order. A number of dates are out of order. Defeats the purpose of trying to find the latest additions. thanks steve

  5. I just rechecked it. Still not quite fixed. Starts out with several May 2020. (Ralph Lauren RL 05/27/20), then Jan 2020 (TESS CO Technologies TESS 1/27/20), etc. steve

    1. I just checked and it should be OK. It may be the browser cache. I just reset the cache on my end. If you click the column header for date the table should automatically sort by ascending or descending date by month and then day.

  6. David, Looks like the sort by date is messed up again. You have a bunch of May dates coming after November. But the rest of the date sort looks ok. steve

  7. Hello,

    Add SSEZY (SSE PLC) one of U.K’s largest energy (utilities) effective 2023 for “going green” and resisting breakup via the normal cast of activists criminals “unleashing value”.

    Was PPL on the list from the US (KY) another U.K./U.S debacle – dividend cut.

    1. I usually wait until the dividend cut or suspension is announced before adding a company to the list. PPL may cut its dividend. I do not include ADR dividend cuts due currency fluctuations.

  8. David, what happened to the ‘sort’ function? I liked being able to sort by alpha or date or yield. Can you fix it like before? thank, steve

  9. It doesn’t seem like Sturm Ruger should be on the list. The dividend wasn’t actually cut, they pay a percentage of earnings rather than a fixed price per share. They are also paying out a special dividend of $5 per share for share holders with an ex dividend date of Dec. 14th.

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