best places to retire in Arizona

The 10 Best Places to Retire in Arizona

Arizona is one of the most popular retirement destinations in the United States, and it’s not hard to see why. It offers impressive natural landscapes, year-round sunshine, a wide variety of places to live, and a lower cost of living than other states. 

In fact, in 2022, Arizona was ranked the No. 4 choice for US citizens relocating after retirement. However, if you retire to Arizona, you must know where you will live. That’s where we come in!

Today, we will show you the best places to retire in Arizona so that you know what’s on offer and what to expect. We’ll tell you what makes each location so desirable to retirees.


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The 10 Best Places to Retire in Arizona

1. Flagstaff

Flagstaff is easily one of the best places to retire in Arizona if you love the great outdoors and seek a good quality of life. 

In terms of recreation, this mid-sized city is jam-packed with forests, caves, Grand Canyon tours, national monuments, and so much more. It is also home to golf courses, music venues, art spaces, and museums. 

While the homes in this city cost more, Flagstaff has one of the state’s lowest property taxes and utility costs. On top of that, it has a high-quality network of Medicare hospitals.

Flagstaff Photo Credit: Deposit Photos

2. Green Valley

In Southern Arizona, Green Valley was founded as a retirement community and still retains that status today. There are more than 20 active adult communities in Green Valley, so there’s a good chance retirees can find what they’re looking for. 

The sheer volume of available communities makes it easier for retirees to find the style of living and type of property they want to live in. 

Retirees looking for something to do in Green Valley are spoilt for choice, too. The region is home to many recreational spots, including Desert Meadows Park, Coronado National Forest, and Quail Creek-Veterans Municipal Park.

Green Valley
Green Valley Photo Credit: Deposit Photos

3. Apache Junction

Next on our list is Apache Junction. This small city has a population of approximately 40,000, but that doesn’t stop it from being a popular place to retire. 

Aside from the city’s surrounding beauty and proximity to Phoenix, Apache Junction’s low cost of living is its biggest draw.

Moderately tax-friendly, Apache Junction is one of Arizona’s most affordable places to live. There are plenty of retirement options, too. This includes independent living, assisted living, and active communities.

Thanks to the city’s proximity to Phoenix, retirees always have access to a wide range of amenities and recreational activities.

Apache Junction
Apache Junction Photo Credit: Deposit Photos

4. Phoenix

Phoenix is one of Arizona’s best places to retire if you want to stay close to the action. This city is home to multiple art galleries, award-winning restaurants, boutique shopping centers, theaters, and plenty of outdoor activities.

Better still, Phoenix is only a short drive from other cities such as Mesa and Tempe. 

Luckily for retirees, Phoenix is also close to some of the state’s best and most popular retirement communities. These include Sun City West, Cave Creek, and Sun City. 

As you can expect from a city with a population of almost 5 million people, Phoenix also offers easy access to essential amenities and facilities like hospitals.

Phoenix Photo Credit: Deposit Photos

5. Scottsdale 

You should consider the charming Scottsdale if you’re a retiree looking for somewhere more lavish, laid back, and relaxed. This vibrant resort-style town not only offers retirees somewhere beautiful to retire but also lots of things to do and every amenity under the sun.

What’s not to like?

A small Phoenix suburb, Scottsdale is famous for its luxurious living conditions, endless entertainment options, fine dining, and enormous variety of outdoor activities. A popular retirement quote by Dick Van Dyke is “retirement means doing what you have fun doing,” and Scottsdale is an excellent place to follow the maxim.

Scottsdale has a wide range of neighborhoods, each offering something different. Therefore, retirees can easily find what they’re looking for. Popular neighborhoods for retirees include Old Town Scottsdale, The Shea Corridor, and DC Ranch.

Scottsdale Photo Credit: Deposit Photos

6. Prescott

Retirees relocating to Prescott are in good company, as the median age in the city is about 60.5 years. Prescott property values are definitely on the high end, but property taxes are low, and retirees get a lot for their money.

As expected, Prescott is home to a diverse range of retirement communities with various living options and all the amenities retirees need. 

When it comes to what the city has to offer, Prescott is known for its quaint downtown and outdoor recreation activities. This stunning mountain town is perfect for active adults who love Northern Arizona.

Prescott Photo Credit: Deposit Photos

7. San Luis

The next Arizona retirement destination on our list is San Luis. This small yet lively town sits alongside the Rio Grande River, making it one of the more popular retirement locations for retirees who love nature. 

From San Luis, you can head out on day trips, tours, and adventures in nature. 

San Luis is also one of the best places in Arizona to retire if you’re a senior on a tight budget. Compared to the rest of the state, this town offers a lower cost of living in terms of housing, groceries, and health care.

8. Sedona 

Sedona in the Northern Verde Valley region is an excellent option if you’re seeking moderate temperatures because it sits higher than Phoenix. This small, picturesque city is a big hit with active adults because it offers various outdoor activities and facilities.

These include hiking, cycling, and running. The town of Sedona is known for its boutique shops, impressive mountain landscapes, festivals, and thriving arts community. It is also known for relaxing restaurants with scenic views.

Sedona is better suited to affluent retirees, but more budget-friendly living options are also available.

Sedona Photo Credit: Deposit Photos

9. Tucson

Tucson offers retirees the best of both worlds. It provides residents with a quieter way of living in a region surrounded by nature and easy access to busier cities like Phoenix and Green Valley.

Tucson is ideal if you want to be near the Phoenix metropolis but still enjoy your retirement in peace. The city offers a good mix of entertainment, culture, and outdoor activities. 

Besides that, Tucson also offers healthcare convenience, sporting facilities, shopping centers, and restaurants.

Tucson Photo Credit: Deposit Photos

10. Mesa

Our final retirement destination for you is Mesa, which is highly sought after by retirees who enjoy the iconic Arizona landscape. Mesa is located within the Sonoran Desert, where residents can play golf, hike in various parks, dine in restaurants, and view the rust-colored mountains.

This Phoenix suburb also features a lively arts and theater scene and a bustling cultural hub. 

Two significant benefits of retiring in Mesa are the abundance of highly rated medical facilities and the variety of community options, which include small, large, and intimate communities.

Mesa Photo Credit: Deposit Photos

Bottom Line: Arizona is a Good Option for Retirees

Now you’ve made your way through this post, you should know the best places to retire in Arizona. We’ve shown you what each location offers and why they are ideal for retirees. 

Arizona is easily one of the best places to retire in the United States. The state offers impressive natural landscapes, outdoor activities, high-quality living, an abundance of amenities, and affordability.

What more can we ask for?

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