Dividend Challengers

The List of Dividend Challengers in 2024

This article provides an updated list of the Dividend Challengers in 2024, select financial data and analysis. The list and data are updated quarterly and located at the bottom of the article.

The Dividend Challengers 2024 stocks have grown dividends for 5 to 9 consecutive years. The list is a relatively exclusive despite taking only five years of dividend growth to get on the list. There are only 197 companies on the Dividend Challengers 2024 list. The total is from the nearly 6,000 companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and Nasdaq. This number implies a success rate of roughly 3.28%.

It is appreciably more difficult for a company to become a Dividend King, Dividend Aristocrat, or Dividend Champion. However, the success rate of becoming a Dividend Challenger is lower than the Dividend Contenders.

Note that the number of companies on the Dividend Challengers list is down quite a bit from 463 at the beginning of 2020 because of the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic and high-interest rates on many companies. In addition, the amount of dividend cuts and suspensions resulting from COVID-19 significantly impacted the Dividend Challengers list.

Some of the Dividend Challengers 2024 will become Dividend Contenders and eventually Dividend Champions, and a few will become Dividend Kings. However, many will also drop off the list when the economy slows down or due to a merger. This point was apparent during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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Market Update for the Dividend Challengers 2024

The Dividend Challengers 2024 are currently trading at an elevated valuation of a trailing average price-to-earnings ratio of about 21.3X.

The current average dividend yield is about 3.17%. The trailing average 5-year dividend growth rate is approximately 16.47%. The average dividend payout ratio is approximately 19.35%. The average market cap is currently $17,415 million.

Currently, the Dividend Challenger with the highest yield is Medifast (MED), and the one trading with the lowest earnings multiple is First Citizens Bancshares (FCNCA). 

The updated, selected financial data and the dividend earnings calendar for each stock in the Dividend Challengers list are in the tables at the end of the article. The most recent dividend increases are also available to search.

According to Stock Rover*, in the trailing 1-year, the Dividend Challengers 2024 has returned +6.1% compared to +22.7% for the S&P 500 Index, as seen in the chart below. Over the trailing 5-years, the Dividend Challengers have returned +104.8%, and the S&P 500 has returned +97.2%.

Dividend Challengers 2023 Trailing 1-Year Returns
Source: Stock Rover*


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Promotions of the Dividend Challengers in 2024

Many stocks on the Dividend Challengers 2023 were promoted to the Dividend Contenders list. These stocks reached the 10-year mark for consecutive annual increases. However, we will not list all the stocks here, but you can check the Dividend Contenders 2024 list and see which ones have ten consecutive annual years of dividend increases.

Additions and Deletions to the Dividend Challengers 2024

There were many additions at the bottom of the Dividend Challengers 2024 list. We will not list all the stocks here, but you can scroll down and look at some of the newer stocks with 5-years of consecutive dividend growth.

Some stocks are dropped from the list each year after failing to increase their dividend. In many cases, these stocks run into operational challenges. In some cases, the economy slows down or experiences a recession. As a result, the dividend is often frozen or cut when revenue or earnings decline.

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Some Details on the Dividend Challengers 2024

Dividend Challengers Sector Breakdown

Financial Services sector companies have the most significant representation on the Dividend Contenders 2024 list, with 93 companies. Industrials follow this sector with 21 companies, Real Estate with 20 companies, and Consumer Cyclical with 20 firms. The top two sectors stayed the same in the past few years.

Dividend Challenger Sector Analysis

Financials tend to have stable and generally rising earnings over time, except for recessions. Many financial companies cut, froze, or suspended dividends during the Great Recession. But many also restarted dividend growth a few years later. Like the Dividend Contenders list, regional banks are the number one industry on the Dividend Challengers list.

Industrial companies tend to have more volatile earnings and cash flows, but many have low payout ratios, letting them grow the dividends during recessions and economic downturns. 

Real Estate companies on the list tend to be REITs. Commercial real estate REITs could have done better during the COVID-19 pandemic, but others have held up better. For instance, industrial, specialty, and residential REITs have done well. That said, 2023 has been less kind to REITs, and several have cut their dividends, especially Office REITs.

Dividend Challenger Industry Analysis

Market Size of the Dividend Challengers 2024

The largest of the Dividend Challengers by market capitalization used to be Apple (APPL). However, Apple was promoted to the Dividend Contenders list in 2022.

The Dividend Challengers 2024 list also includes enormous companies such as Applied Materials (AMAT), Lam Research (LRCX), and ConocoPhillips (COP). Hence, the list sometimes includes established companies that only recently started paying dividends or had an interruption in their dividend growth streak. For instance, many banks cut or omitted their dividend during the subprime mortgage crisis. The largest Dividend Challenger is now Applied Materials, with over $150 billion in market capitalization.

However, the list is not dominated by large-cap companies but includes many mid-cap companies ($2 billion – $10 billion), small-cap companies ($300 million – $2 billion), and even micro-cap companies. Micro-cap companies have a market size of less than $100 million and are often traded on the over-the-counter (OTC) market. Therefore, investors should be wary when investing in companies with small market capitalization due to the associated risks.

Micro-cap companies have added risk compared to larger companies because of fewer shares and lower liquidity. Micro-caps also tend to be newer companies without long track records. As a result, micro-cap companies are only suited to some investors interested in dividend growth investing.

What Do I Like About the Dividend Challengers 2024?

The Dividend Challengers 2024 list serves as a screen for further investigating a stock for a dividend growth portfolio. However, only some Dividend Challengers are suitable for most investors since they have not raised the dividend for an extended period. 

In general, dividend growth investors should prefer stocks that have raised their dividends for at least ten years or more. There are some exceptions, though. For instance, several mega-cap and large-cap stocks are on the list and can make suitable investments.

List of Dividend Challengers in 2024

Stock Rover* and Portfolio Insight* were used to create this table.

TickerCompny NameNo. YearsDividend Yield (%)5-yr Dividend Growth Rate (%)Payout Ratio (%)TTM P/E RatioMarket Cap (millions)
ACNBACNB73.205.504.7010.00 $315
ADCAgree Realty55.206.265.5033.30 $5,711
AINAlbany Intl61.207.605.7028.50 $2,808
AMATApplied Mat70.709.9012.3022.90 $154,729
AMCRAmcor55.60#N/A67.1920.30 $12,942
AMNBAmerican National92.703.702.7018.10 $473
ARESAres Management52.4022.4022.7062.50 $25,825
ASHAshland61.709.001.3031.40 $4,576
AWIArmstrong World Indus61.1042.8819.9821.00 $4,646
AYAtlantica Sustainable79.504.3019.6043.30 $2,164
BAXBaxter Intl72.908.80-5.10#N/A $20,614
BCCBoise Cascade70.6017.302.3711.00 $5,520
BCEBCE88.005.105.2021.90 $33,780
BFSTBusiness First Bancshares62.6011.8019.088.30 $538
BKUBankUnited54.105.202.5011.00 $1,941
BMOBank of Montreal94.908.607.1021.90 $66,757
BOTJBank of the James Finl Gr53.408.0011.406.20 $53
BPRNPrinceton Bancorp53.80109.1625.097.90 $200
BRKLBrookline Bancorp65.505.204.7011.60 $879
BRTBRT Apartments66.304.60#N/A#N/A $294
BWXTBWX Technologies81.107.508.7035.70 $7,913
CABOCable One92.408.1028.9834.70 $2,755
CAGConagra Brands55.2010.503.4013.00 $12,929
CBANColony Bankcorp74.008.4034.119.00 $194
CGNXCognex80.808.4020.2339.60 $6,209
CHCTCommunity Healthcare86.602.40#N/A#N/A $752
CNACNA Financial83.803.707.7010.40 $12,489
CNOBConnectOne Bancorp63.4017.808.509.80 $770
CNQCanadian Natural Res85.0024.4017.5012.50 $65,493
COPConocoPhillips82.2035.40-1.4012.20 $129,867
CQPCheniere Energy Partners78.1011.909.305.00 $25,010
CRAICRA Intl71.6016.0021.7221.60 $751
CSTRCapStar Finl Hldgs62.5039.9820.3411.20 $361
CSWCCapital Southwest99.8011.8020.2010.00 $1,001
CSWICSW Industrials50.30#N/A11.9435.70 $3,453
CTRACoterra Energy73.4023.4025.908.30 $17,961
CTRECareTrust REIT94.906.4024.5046.10 $3,007
CTSHCognizant Tech Solns51.607.7025.4918.10 $37,974
CTVACorteva51.20#N/A23.0541.80 $38,032
CUZCousins Props65.604.200.6041.20 $3,447
CWCurtiss-Wright70.305.907.2026.20 $8,949
CZWICitizens Community52.909.9023.109.00 $116
DGDollar Gen91.8015.3024.5315.20 $29,084
DHRDanaher90.408.4025.4043.70 $182,647
DKSDick's Sporting Goods92.4034.8023.1015.00 $13,751
DVNDevon Energy66.9057.3013.307.10 $26,761
EBAYeBay52.40#N/A21.418.40 $21,805
EFSCEnterprise Finl Servs92.5014.0016.907.80 $1,478
EOGEOG Resources73.3032.8025.508.20 $65,005
EPRTEssential Props Realty54.7020.88#N/A20.40 $3,786
EQHEquitable Hldgs52.6032.4523.099.70 $11,285
EQIXEquinix92.0013.30#N/A89.40 $78,193
EQREquity Residential74.504.200.2026.80 $22,370
ESSAESSA Bancorp63.408.4011.609.60 $179
ETDEthan Allen Interiors54.6013.6013.7010.00 $799
EWBCEast West Bancorp73.1019.0011.808.80 $10,019
FANGDiamondback Energy54.7093.3011.659.60 $30,002
FBKFB Financial61.7016.3019.9313.90 $1,673
FBMSFirst Bancshares73.9029.0020.9010.00 $751
FBNCFirst Bancorp62.6017.1010.6013.60 $1,413
FBPFirst BanCorp53.9079.5632.759.70 $2,808
FCFFirst Commonwealth83.804.606.008.60 $1,352
FCNCAFirst Citizens BancShares80.4032.6018.501.90 $21,378
FCPTFour Corners Prop86.003.70#N/A21.40 $2,089
FFNWFirst Financial Northwest72.5010.2012.5030.30 $191
FMCFMC64.607.7015.704.50 $6,341
FMNBFarmers National Banc85.0016.3018.9010.30 $513
FNCBFNCB Bancorp86.3012.50#N/A8.70 $113
FSVFirstService90.6010.8019.3173.90 $7,367
FUNCFirst United63.8017.3027.869.50 $141
FXNCFirst Ntl93.1024.6023.1012.50 $118
GGenpact71.7012.9018.4610.40 $6,101
GHCGraham Hldgs80.904.40-4.2021.60 $3,275
GICGlobal Industrial71.8012.7035.2924.90 $1,695
GILDGilead Sciences94.205.6044.6416.20 $91,072
GISGeneral Mills53.803.804.5015.10 $35,274
GLPIGaming and Leisure Props96.401.403.4016.60 $12,121
GNTYGuaranty Bancshares63.208.3035.9411.20 $330
GOLFAcushnet Hldgs51.208.4526.2220.30 $4,410
GRMNGarmin52.406.605.0022.60 $23,402
GWRSGlobal Water Resources72.401.00123.0839.10 $300
HASIHannon Armstrong56.503.706.0067.80 $2,714
HBBHamilton Beach Brands62.305.3022.9321.10 $268
HBCPHome Bancorp92.704.6030.507.40 $300
HESMHess Midstream77.7011.40114.1015.80 $2,642
HLIHoulihan Lokey91.7015.3048.0233.00 $8,777
HLNEHamilton Lane71.5015.9051.9535.70 $4,470
HOFTHooker Furnishings83.808.908.70#N/A $260
HRBH&R Block92.705.104.8013.00 $6,551
HTBIHomeTrust Bancshares61.7046.8713.248.70 $446
HTGCHercules Capital510.909.104.508.80 $2,649
HTHHilltop Hldgs82.2016.3037.8718.20 $2,004
HTLFHeartland Financial USA93.7013.4011.6019.50 $1,394
IIPRInnovative Ind Props68.0039.10#N/A15.70 $2,543
IMOImperial Oil83.0021.4014.409.30 $31,778
INVHInvitation Homes63.4016.60#N/A38.40 $19,958
IROQIF Bancorp82.409.9014.9027.00 $54
ISTRInvestar Holding92.4014.9040.009.90 $162
JJacobs Solutions60.8011.6014.4425.80 $18,203
JBSSJohn B Sanfilippo & Son70.807.8014.0717.50 $1,166
JEFJefferies Financial Gr73.00-25.1017.0036.90 $8,597
KFRCKforce72.3014.9014.0021.40 $1,306
KKRKKR & Co50.705.70-3.3035.10 $85,269
KLICKulicke & Soffa Indus51.6010.8042.3154.90 $2,787
KMIKinder Morgan76.807.20-3.7015.60 $36,775
KNSLKinsale Cap Gr70.1014.906.6736.30 $9,846
KNXKnight-Swift51.1018.505.3044.50 $9,624
KOFCoca-Cola Femsa SAB de53.4014.704.3016.50 $21,272
KRCKilroy Realty66.303.504.4019.00 $4,002
KRNYKearny Financial86.8012.9056.4122.20 $399
LCIILCI Indus83.5011.80166.6748.10 $3,063
LCNBLCNB66.205.303.2013.00 $186
LDOSLeidos Holdings51.303.501.7083.60 $16,385
LPXLouisiana-Pacific61.50-18.207.4838.80 $5,089
LRCXLam Research90.9012.7030.9035.20 $119,686
LWLamb Weston Hldgs81.4012.5023.9313.30 $14,893
MBCNMiddlefield Banc63.207.404.4011.60 $199
MBINMerchants Bancorp60.8014.905.677.00 $1,717
MDCM.D.C. Holdings83.5016.4011.0011.80 $4,689
MEDMedifast812.3028.0045.244.90 $582
MLMMartin Marietta Materials80.609.006.3030.40 $33,325
MOSMosaic52.9051.60-2.207.50 $9,634
MPWRMonolithic Power Systems70.7027.2027.2085.00 $35,772
MSBIMidland States Bancorp85.106.4035.096.50 $524
MTBM&T Bank73.805.406.408.60 $22,648
MTGMGIC Investment52.40#N/A17.007.80 $5,239
NBHCNational Bank Holdings93.209.7018.409.10 $1,276
NCNACCO Industries52.505.70-1.4014.70 $263
NINiSource84.205.800.6017.00 $10,627
NOANorth American71.3038.0017.6013.90 $642
NPOEnpro90.703.9015.91#N/A $3,314
NRGNRG Energy53.1068.5013.00#N/A $11,900
NSANational Storage86.2013.30#N/A33.50 $3,009
NSCNorfolk Southern72.109.409.6031.50 $57,018
NTAPNetApp92.304.6012.2027.20 $18,130
NTRNutrien64.304.30-4.9011.10 $24,198
NXPINXP Semiconductors51.7051.9928.9521.90 $60,447
NXRTNexPoint Residential86.1011.00#N/A26.40 $773
NYTNew York Times61.0022.4010.6031.70 $7,298
OBKOrigin Bancorp52.0035.8022.7311.00 $916
ODFLOld Dominion Freight Line80.5035.8014.2138.40 $47,071
OFLXOmega Flex61.906.60#N/A32.10 $705
OLEDUniversal Display60.8042.3027.2742.60 $8,671
OPBKOP Bancorp54.80#N/A30.976.40 $148
ORRFOrrstown Finl Servs83.005.9022.797.70 $280
OVVOvintiv52.8032.00-1.504.30 $11,528
PATKPatrick Industries52.00#N/A28.3216.90 $2,332
PCBPCB Bancorp64.5029.2032.557.50 $225
PEBOPeoples Bancorp95.605.4010.008.10 $983
PFISPeoples Financial Servs74.104.406.0010.50 $282
PHMPulteGroup70.8012.7014.908.80 $22,017
PKBKParke Bancorp94.407.2026.607.00 $196
PNRPentair51.205.00-0.8020.00 $12,402
PRKPark Ntl73.301.801.1016.30 $2,046
PSTLPostal Realty Trust56.80#N/A91.59#N/A $308
PWRQuanta Services60.2052.515.6845.20 $30,840
PXDPioneer Natural Resources66.2072.2367.6010.70 $52,642
RCKYRocky Brands52.105.304.5020.90 $213
RUSHARush Enterprises51.5042.2111.6810.80 $3,617
RYRoyal Bank of Canada94.207.107.5012.40 $137,649
SAHSonic Automotive92.1038.0028.20#N/A $1,889
SAMGSilvercrest Asset Mgmt Gr64.706.304.7013.40 $151
SFStifel Financial72.2035.1030.7717.60 $7,697
SFBSServisfirst Bancshares91.9014.9032.0016.60 $3,428
SIRISirius XM Holdings82.2017.10#N/A15.00 $18,500
SLFSun Life Financial84.409.308.0013.50 $30,924
SMMFSummit Finl Gr93.309.5020.286.90 $386
SNDRSchneider National71.608.4026.2818.10 $4,272
SONYSony Group80.6015.607.9020.90 $116,181
SSNCSS&C Techs Hldgs71.5024.6031.4026.30 $15,528
SSTKShutterstock52.60#N/A24.8114.30 $1,661
STNStantec80.707.209.0037.30 $9,404
STZConstellation Brands91.503.8032.5828.30 $44,533
SUISun Communities72.905.504.0070.30 $15,835
TAITTaitron Components76.1010.80#N/A11.30 $19
TDToronto-Dominion Bank95.208.809.0014.10 $104,362
TFCTruist Finl95.905.108.50#N/A $46,900
TFIITFI International81.1017.5015.3025.00 $12,478
TMOThermo Fisher Scientific60.3015.508.8035.40 $211,273
TPBTurning Point Brands61.207.608.4832.40 $397
TTECTTEC Holdings95.6013.2027.7221.60 $879
UCBIUnited Community Banks93.507.5023.7017.30 $3,167
UNFUniFirst70.8024.0024.3028.50 $3,189
VICIVICI Props65.707.60#N/A12.20 $30,352
VOYAVoya Financial62.30109.1044.6012.60 $7,040
VRSKVerisk Analytics50.60#N/A24.7545.90 $35,492
VRTSVirtus Inv73.3028.1023.8013.10 $1,667
VSTVistra51.90#N/A46.0113.10 $15,861
WALWestern Alliance52.50#N/A18.019.20 $6,557
WDWalker & Dunlop62.7020.3037.7427.20 $3,165
WGOWinnebago Industries61.8023.0030.0013.00 $2,009
WHDCactus51.10#N/A23.9118.70 $2,836
WINGWingstop60.3019.6038.92#N/A $8,975
WKCWorld Kinect52.4018.5014.1013.50 $1,422
WMBWilliams Companies75.805.601.6014.50 $40,168
WTWWillis Towers Watson71.207.001.3027.60 $28,110
YUMYum Brands72.0010.905.0024.00 $37,628

Dividend Calendar for the Dividend Challengers 2024

Stock Rover* was used to create this list.

TickerCompanyEx-Dividend DateDividend Record DateDividend Payment DateDividend FrequencyNext Dividend Payment Per ShareDividend Per Share
ACNBACNB2/29/243/1/243/15/244$0.30 $1.20
ADCAgree Realty2/28/242/29/243/14/2412$0.25 $2.96
AINAlbany Intl12/18/2312/19/231/8/244$0.26 $1.04
AMATApplied Mat2/21/242/22/243/14/244$0.32 $1.28
AMCRAmcor2/27/242/28/243/19/244$0.12 $0.50
AMNBAmerican National2/16/242/20/242/26/244$0.30 $1.20
ARESAres Management3/14/243/15/243/29/244$0.93 $3.24
ASHAshland2/29/243/1/243/15/244$0.38 $1.54
AWIArmstrong World Indus11/1/2311/2/2311/16/234$0.28 $1.12
AYAtlantica Sustainable11/29/2311/30/2312/15/234$0.44 $1.78
BAXBaxter Intl2/29/243/1/244/1/244$0.29 $1.16
BCCBoise Cascade2/22/242/23/243/15/244$0.20 $0.80
BCEBCE3/14/243/15/244/15/244$0.74 $2.96
BFSTBusiness First Bancshares2/14/242/15/242/28/244$0.14 $0.56
BKUBankUnited1/11/241/12/241/31/244$0.27 $1.08
BMOBank of Montreal1/29/241/30/242/27/244$1.12 $4.51
BOTJBank of the James Finl Gr2/29/243/1/243/15/244$0.10 $0.40
BPRNPrinceton Bancorp2/8/242/9/243/1/244$0.30 $1.20
BRKLBrookline Bancorp2/8/242/9/242/23/244$0.14 $0.54
BRTBRT Apartments12/19/2312/20/231/5/244$0.25 $1.00
BWXTBWX Technologies11/20/2311/21/2312/12/234$0.23 $0.92
CABOCable One2/16/242/20/243/8/244$2.95 $11.80
CAGConagra Brands1/29/241/30/242/29/244$0.35 $1.40
CBANColony Bankcorp2/6/242/7/242/21/244$0.11 $0.45
CGNXCognex11/16/2311/17/2312/1/234$0.08 $0.30
CHCTCommunity Healthcare2/16/242/20/243/1/244$0.46 $1.83
CNACNA Financial2/16/242/20/243/7/244$0.44 $1.76
CNOBConnectOne Bancorp2/14/242/15/243/1/244$0.17 $0.68
CNQCanadian Natural Res12/7/2312/8/231/5/244$0.74 $2.99
COPConocoPhillips2/15/242/19/243/1/244$0.78 $2.47
CQPCheniere Energy Partners2/6/242/7/242/14/244$1.03 $4.12
CRAICRA Intl11/27/2311/28/2312/8/234$0.42 $1.68
CSTRCapStar Finl Hldgs2/6/242/7/242/21/244$0.11 $0.44
CSWCCapital Southwest3/14/243/15/243/29/244$0.57 $2.28
CSWICSW Industrials1/25/241/26/242/9/244$0.19 $0.76
CTRACoterra Energy11/15/2311/16/2311/30/234$0.20 $0.80
CTRECareTrust REIT12/28/2312/29/231/12/244$0.28 $1.12
CTSHCognizant Tech Solns2/16/242/20/242/28/244$0.30 $1.20
CTVACorteva2/29/243/1/243/15/244$0.16 $0.64
CUZCousins Props1/3/241/4/241/16/244$0.32 $1.28
CWCurtiss-Wright3/27/243/28/244/15/244$0.20 $0.80
CZWICitizens Community2/8/242/9/242/23/241$0.32 $0.32
DGDollar Gen1/8/241/9/241/23/244$0.59 $2.36
DHRDanaher12/28/2312/29/231/26/244$0.24 $0.96
DKSDick's Sporting Goods12/14/2312/15/2312/29/234$1.00 $4.00
DVNDevon Energy12/14/2312/15/2312/29/234$0.77 $2.87
EBAYeBay11/30/2312/1/2312/15/234$0.25 $1.00
EFSCEnterprise Finl Servs3/14/243/15/243/29/244$0.25 $1.00
EOGEOG Resources1/16/241/17/241/31/244$0.91 $3.64
EPRTEssential Props Realty12/28/2312/29/231/12/244$0.28 $1.14
EQHEquitable Hldgs11/24/2311/27/2312/4/234$0.22 $0.88
EQIXEquinix11/14/2311/15/2312/13/234$4.26 $17.04
EQREquity Residential12/29/231/2/241/12/244$0.66 $2.65
ESSAESSA Bancorp12/14/2312/16/2312/29/234$0.15 $0.60
ETDEthan Allen Interiors2/5/242/6/242/22/244$0.36 $1.44
EWBCEast West Bancorp2/1/242/2/242/15/244$0.55 $2.20
FANGDiamondback Energy11/15/2311/16/2311/24/234$3.37 $7.99
FBKFB Financial2/12/242/13/242/27/244$0.17 $0.62
FBMSFirst Bancshares2/6/242/7/242/23/244$0.25 $0.94
FBNCFirst Bancorp12/28/2312/31/231/25/244$0.22 $0.88
FBPFirst BanCorp2/22/242/23/243/8/244$0.16 $0.64
FCFFirst Commonwealth2/8/242/9/242/23/244$0.12 $0.50
FCNCAFirst Citizens BancShares2/28/242/29/243/15/244$1.64 $6.56
FCPTFour Corners Prop12/28/2312/29/231/12/244$0.34 $1.38
FFNWFirst Financial Northwest3/14/243/15/243/28/244$0.13 $0.52
FMCFMC12/28/2312/29/231/18/244$0.58 $2.32
FMNBFarmers National Banc12/8/2312/11/2312/29/234$0.17 $0.68
FNCBFNCB Bancorp2/29/243/1/243/15/244$0.09 $0.36
FSVFirstService3/27/243/29/244/5/244$0.25 $1.00
FUNCFirst United1/17/241/18/242/1/244$0.20 $0.80
FXNCFirst Ntl11/22/2311/24/2312/8/234$0.15 $0.60
GGenpact3/8/243/11/243/26/244$0.15 $0.61
GHCGraham Hldgs1/31/242/1/242/15/244$1.72 $6.67
GICGlobal Industrial11/10/2311/13/2311/20/234$0.20 $0.80
GILDGilead Sciences3/14/243/15/243/28/244$0.77 $3.08
GISGeneral Mills4/9/244/10/245/1/244$0.59 $2.36
GLPIGaming and Leisure Props12/7/2312/8/2312/22/234$0.73 $2.90
GNTYGuaranty Bancshares12/28/2312/30/231/10/244$0.23 $0.92
GOLFAcushnet Hldgs11/30/2312/1/2312/15/234$0.19 $0.78
GRMNGarmin3/14/243/15/243/29/244$0.73 $2.92
GWRSGlobal Water Resources2/14/242/15/242/29/2412$0.03 $0.30
HASIHannon Armstrong12/28/2312/29/231/12/244$0.40 $1.58
HBBHamilton Beach Brands11/30/2312/1/2312/15/234$0.11 $0.44
HBCPHome Bancorp2/2/242/5/242/16/244$0.25 $1.00
HESMHess Midstream2/7/242/8/242/14/244$0.63 $2.54
HLIHoulihan Lokey2/29/243/1/243/15/244$0.55 $2.20
HLNEHamilton Lane3/14/243/15/244/4/244$0.44 $1.78
HOFTHooker Furnishings12/14/2312/15/2312/29/234$0.23 $0.92
HRBH&R Block3/4/243/5/244/3/244$0.32 $1.28
HTBIHomeTrust Bancshares2/14/242/15/242/29/244$0.11 $0.44
HTGCHercules Capital2/27/242/28/243/6/244$0.48 $1.92
HTHHilltop Hldgs2/9/242/12/242/28/244$0.17 $0.68
HTLFHeartland Financial USA2/9/242/12/242/27/244$0.30 $1.20
IIPRInnovative Ind Props12/28/2312/29/231/12/244$1.82 $7.22
IMOImperial Oil3/1/243/4/244/1/244$0.45 $1.79
INVHInvitation Homes12/26/2312/27/231/19/244$0.28 $1.12
IROQIF Bancorp9/21/239/22/2310/13/232$0.20 $0.40
ISTRInvestar Holding12/29/231/2/241/31/244$0.10 $0.40
JJacobs Solutions2/22/242/23/243/22/244$0.29 $1.16
JBSSJohn B Sanfilippo & Son8/21/238/22/239/13/231$0.80 $0.80
JEFJefferies Financial Gr2/15/242/16/242/27/244$0.30 $1.20
KFRCKforce3/14/243/15/243/29/244$0.38 $1.52
KKRKKR & Co2/15/242/16/243/1/244$0.17 $0.66
KLICKulicke & Soffa Indus12/20/2312/21/231/9/244$0.20 $0.77
KMIKinder Morgan1/30/241/31/242/15/244$0.28 $1.13
KNSLKinsale Cap Gr2/26/242/27/243/13/244$0.15 $0.56
KNXKnight-Swift3/7/243/8/243/25/244$0.16 $0.64
KOFCoca-Cola Femsa SAB de10/31/2311/1/2311/13/232$1.65 $3.29
KRCKilroy Realty12/28/2312/29/231/10/244$0.54 $2.16
KRNYKearny Financial2/6/242/7/242/21/244$0.11 $0.44
LCIILCI Indus11/30/2312/1/2312/15/234$1.05 $4.20
LCNBLCNB11/30/2312/1/2312/15/234$0.22 $0.88
LDOSLeidos Holdings3/14/243/15/243/28/244$0.38 $1.52
LPXLouisiana-Pacific2/22/242/23/243/8/244$0.26 $1.04
LRCXLam Research3/12/243/13/244/3/244$2.00 $8.00
LWLamb Weston Hldgs2/1/242/2/243/1/244$0.36 $1.44
MBCNMiddlefield Banc2/29/243/1/243/15/244$0.20 $0.80
MBINMerchants Bancorp12/14/2312/15/231/2/244$0.08 $0.32
MDCM.D.C. Holdings2/6/242/7/242/21/244$0.55 $2.15
MEDMedifast9/18/239/19/2311/7/234$1.65 $6.60
MLMMartin Marietta Materials11/30/2312/1/2312/29/234$0.74 $2.96
MOSMosaic3/6/243/7/243/21/244$0.21 $0.84
MPWRMonolithic Power Systems3/27/243/29/244/15/244$1.25 $5.00
MSBIMidland States Bancorp2/15/242/16/242/23/244$0.31 $1.24
MTBM&T Bank11/30/2312/1/2312/29/234$1.30 $5.20
MTGMGIC Investment2/14/242/15/243/5/244$0.12 $0.46
NBHCNational Bank Holdings2/22/242/23/243/15/244$0.27 $1.08
NCNACCO Industries11/29/2311/30/2312/15/234$0.22 $0.87
NINiSource2/2/242/5/242/20/244$0.26 $1.06
NOANorth American11/29/2311/30/231/5/244$0.07 $0.30
NPOEnpro11/28/2311/29/2312/13/234$0.29 $1.16
NRGNRG Energy1/31/242/1/242/15/244$0.41 $1.63
NSANational Storage12/14/2312/15/2312/29/234$0.56 $2.24
NSCNorfolk Southern2/1/242/2/242/20/244$1.35 $5.40
NTAPNetApp1/4/241/5/241/24/244$0.50 $2.00
NTRNutrien12/28/2312/29/231/12/244$0.53 $2.12
NXPINXP Semiconductors12/12/2312/13/231/5/244$1.01 $4.06
NXRTNexPoint Residential12/14/2312/15/2312/29/234$0.46 $1.85
NYTNew York Times1/2/241/3/241/18/244$0.11 $0.44
OBKOrigin Bancorp2/14/242/15/242/29/244$0.15 $0.60
ODFLOld Dominion Freight Line3/5/243/6/243/20/244$0.52 $2.08
OFLXOmega Flex12/18/2312/19/231/4/244$0.33 $1.32
OLEDUniversal Display12/14/2312/15/2312/29/234$0.35 $1.40
OPBKOP Bancorp2/7/242/8/242/22/244$0.12 $0.48
ORRFOrrstown Finl Servs2/5/242/6/242/13/244$0.20 $0.80
OVVOvintiv12/14/2312/15/2312/29/234$0.30 $1.20
PATKPatrick Industries2/16/242/20/243/4/244$0.55 $2.20
PCBPCB Bancorp2/8/242/9/242/16/244$0.18 $0.72
PEBOPeoples Bancorp2/2/242/5/242/20/244$0.39 $1.56
PFISPeoples Financial Servs2/28/242/29/243/15/244$0.41 $1.64
PHMPulteGroup3/14/243/15/244/2/244$0.20 $0.80
PKBKParke Bancorp1/2/241/3/241/17/244$0.18 $0.72
PNRPentair1/18/241/19/242/2/244$0.23 $0.92
PRKPark Ntl2/15/242/16/243/8/244$1.06 $4.24
PSTLPostal Realty Trust2/15/242/16/242/29/244$0.24 $0.96
PWRQuanta Services12/29/231/2/241/12/244$0.09 $0.36
PXDPioneer Natural Resources11/29/2311/30/2312/22/234$3.20 $13.96
RCKYRocky Brands11/30/2312/1/2312/15/234$0.16 $0.62
RUSHARush Enterprises11/8/2311/9/2312/12/234$0.17 $0.68
RYRoyal Bank of Canada1/24/241/25/242/23/244$1.03 $4.09
SAHSonic Automotive12/14/2312/15/231/12/244$0.30 $1.20
SAMGSilvercrest Asset Mgmt Gr3/7/243/8/243/15/244$0.19 $0.76
SFStifel Financial2/29/243/1/243/15/244$0.42 $1.68
SFBSServisfirst Bancshares12/29/231/2/241/8/244$0.30 $1.20
SIRISirius XM Holdings2/8/242/9/242/23/244$0.03 $0.11
SLFSun Life Financial2/27/242/28/243/28/244$0.58 $2.31
SMMFSummit Finl Gr12/14/2312/15/2312/29/234$0.22 $0.88
SNDRSchneider National3/7/243/8/244/9/244$0.09 $0.38
SONYSony Group9/28/239/29/2312/12/232$0.27 $0.54
SSNCSS&C Techs Hldgs11/30/2312/1/2312/15/234$0.24 $0.96
SSTKShutterstock2/28/242/29/243/14/244$0.30 $1.20
STNStantec12/28/2312/29/231/16/244$0.14 $0.58
STZConstellation Brands2/7/242/8/242/22/244$0.89 $3.56
SUISun Communities12/28/2312/29/231/16/244$0.93 $3.72
TAITTaitron Components2/15/242/16/242/29/244$0.05 $0.20
TDToronto-Dominion Bank1/9/241/10/241/31/244$0.76 $3.04
TFCTruist Finl2/8/242/9/243/1/244$0.52 $2.08
TFIITFI International12/28/2312/29/231/15/244$0.40 $1.60
TMOThermo Fisher Scientific12/14/2312/15/231/16/244$0.35 $1.40
TPBTurning Point Brands12/14/2312/15/231/5/244$0.06 $0.26
TTECTTEC Holdings10/13/2310/16/2310/31/232$0.52 $1.04
UCBIUnited Community Banks12/14/2312/15/231/5/244$0.23 $0.92
UNFUniFirst3/7/243/8/243/29/244$0.33 $1.32
VICIVICI Props12/20/2312/21/231/4/244$0.41 $1.66
VOYAVoya Financial2/23/242/26/243/27/244$0.40 $1.60
VRSKVerisk Analytics12/14/2312/15/2312/29/234$0.34 $1.36
VRTSVirtus Inv1/30/241/31/242/15/244$1.90 $7.60
VSTVistra12/19/2312/20/2312/29/234$0.21 $0.85
WALWestern Alliance2/15/242/16/243/1/244$0.37 $1.48
WDWalker & Dunlop11/22/2311/24/2312/8/234$0.63 $2.52
WGOWinnebago Industries1/11/241/12/241/26/244$0.31 $1.24
WHDCactus2/23/242/26/243/14/244$0.12 $0.48
WINGWingstop11/16/2311/17/2312/8/234$0.22 $0.88
WKCWorld Kinect12/15/2312/18/231/16/244$0.14 $0.56
WMBWilliams Companies3/7/243/8/243/25/244$0.47 $1.90
WTWWillis Towers Watson12/28/2312/31/231/16/244$0.84 $3.36
YUMYum Brands2/20/242/21/243/8/244$0.67 $2.68

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