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The List of Dividend Champions in 2024

This article provides an updated list of the Dividend Champions in 2024, select financial data and analysis. The list and data are updated monthly and located at the bottom of the article.

The Dividend Champions 2024 companies on United States stock exchanges have raised their dividend for 25+ consecutive years. This list is a select list of only 137 companies. This number is from nearly 6,000 companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and NASDAQ in 2024, indicating a success rate of approximately 2.28%.

The number of Dividend Champions increases if we include over-the-counter (OTC) stocks. As a result, the total universe of U.S. stocks goes up to about 11,500. Several small banks and other equities are not traded on the NYSE or NASDAQ and are thus not included in this list. For example, Farmers & Merchants Bancorp (FMBC) has raised its dividend for 50 years. However, the stock is thinly traded on the OTC market. Another example is Eagle Financial Services (EFSI), which has raised the dividend for 35 years but is also a thinly traded on the OTC market. There are higher risks with thinly traded stocks, and we do not include them in this list.

This list is not one of the best or top Dividend Champions. Instead, it is an informational source to assist in making investment decisions. Lastly, the Dividend Champions list was first created in 2008 by David Fish (deceased in 2018). He originally started the list in the Dividend Investing Resource Center.


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Difference Between Dividend Champions and Dividend Aristocrats

The Dividend Champion 2024 list is broader than the Dividend Aristocrat list. A stock must only meet the requirement for raising the dividend for 25+ years to be added to the Dividend Champions List. However, the criteria for inclusion as a Dividend Aristocrat is stricter. In addition to the 25+ years of dividend increases, a stock must be a part of the S&P 500 Index, have a minimum market capitalization of $3 billion, and meet trading volume and sector weighting requirements.

Hence, a stock can be a Dividend Champion but not a Dividend Aristocrat. As of this writing, there are only 64 Dividend Aristocrats.

Difference Between Dividend Champions and Dividend Kings

The Dividend Kings are more exclusive than the Dividend Champions. To become a Dividend King, a stock must raise its dividend for 50+ consecutive years, a much harder achievement. There are only 43 Dividend Kings as of this writing. However, a company can be a Dividend King, a Dividend Champion, and a Dividend Aristocrat. For instance, The Coca-Cola Company (KO) is found on all three lists. 

Market Update for the Dividend Champions 2024

The Dividend Champions 2024 are currently trading at an elevated valuation of a trailing average price-to-earnings ratio of about 23.11X. This multiple is down from its peak of more than 31X in May 2021 due to declining stock prices and rising earnings. 

The current average dividend yield is about 2.79%. The average trailing 10-year dividend growth rate is about 6.99%, and the average past 5-year dividend growth rate is around 5.80%. On average, the payout ratio is approximately 57.33%. The mean market cap is currently $45,946 million. 

Currently, the Dividend Champion with the highest yield is Altria (MO), and the one trading with the lowest earnings multiple is Albemarle (ALB). 

Investors can examine updated, select financial data and the dividend earnings calendar for each stock in the Dividend Champions list in the tables at the end of the article. The most recent dividend increases are also available to search.

According to Stock Rover*, in the trailing 1-year, the Dividend Champions 2024 have returned +4.6% (blue line) compared to +23.6% for the S&P 500 Index (red line), as seen in the chart below. Over the trailing 5-years, this group of stocks has returned +72.7%, and the S&P 500 has returned +100.6%.

Dividend Champions 2024 Trailing 1-Year Returns
Source: Stock Rover*


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Promotions to Dividend Kings in 2023

In 2023, four Dividend Champions were promoted to the Dividend Kings list. These stocks achieved a 50-year mark for consecutive annual dividend increases. These companies were Nucor Corporation (NUE), RPM International (RPM), S&P Global (SPGI), and Walmart (WMT).

Additions to the Dividend Champions in 2023

In 2023, Alerus Financial Corporation (ALRS), Casey’s General Stores (CASY), Cambridge Bancorp (CATC), C.H. Robinson Worldwide (CHRW), Eversource Energy (ES), FactSet Research Systems (FDS), Prosperity Bancshares (PB), and Republic Bancorp (RBCAA) were added to the list of Dividend Champions.

Alerus is a small bank in North Dakota. It offers banking, retirement and benefit services, wealth management, and mortgages.

Casey’s General Stores is a convenience store retailer.

Cambridge Bancorp is a small bank in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

C.H. Robinson Worldwide provides freight transportation, logistics, and supply chain services.

Eversource Energy is a multi-utility in New England. Its subsidiaries include electricity, natural gas, and water utilities.

FactSet Research Systems is a financial data and analytics company.

Prosperity Bancshares is a regional bank with 280+ branches in Texas and Oklahoma.

Republic Bancorp is a regional bank with 47 centers in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Florida. It offers banking, mortgage, and credit cards.

Deletions to the Dividend Champions in 2023

The only stock deleted from the list was V.F. Corporation (VFC). The clothing firm had a 49-year streak and was practically a Dividend King. However, too much debt, low clothing demand, and supply chain issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic challenged the company. The stock price fell, the dividend yield soared, and results weakened.

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Some Details on the Dividend Champions 2024

Two MLPs and Six REITs on the Dividend Champions 2024 List

The 2023 Dividend Champions list contains many banks, utilities, consumer defensive, and industrial companies. 

The list includes two Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs): Enbridge (ENB) and Enterprise Products Partners (EPD).

The Dividend Champions list has six Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs): Essex Property Trust (ESS), Federal Realty Investment (FRT), National Retail Properties (NNN), Realty Income (O), Universal Health Realty (UHT), and W. P. Carey (WPC).

In addition, W.P. Carey will fall off the list in 2024 because it reduced the quarterly payout.

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Dividend Champions Sector Breakdown

Companies from the Financial sector have the most significant representation on the Dividend Champions 2024 list, with 33 companies, followed by the Industrial sector, with 29 companies. The Consumer Defensive sector has 20, and Utilities has 15 Companies. The lowest representation is from the Communications Services sector, with one company.

Sector Analysis

Financials tend to have stable and generally rising earnings over time. There are 20 regional banks, six insurance companies, three asset managers, and two financial data & stock exchanges on the list of Dividend Champions. Regional banks are often conservative; they have room to expand, allowing for earnings per share and dividend growth. Insurance and asset manager companies have sticky customers and grow with time.

Industrial companies tend to have somewhat more volatile earnings and cash flows, but many have conservative payout ratios, allowing them to grow dividends during recessions and economic downturns. The list includes ten specialty industrial machinery companies and three conglomerates.

Consumer Defensive companies tend to have predictable earnings and cash flows that grow slowly with time. Many did well during the COVID-19 pandemic. Larger companies in this sector tend to acquire smaller ones, leading to industry consolidation. Five household & personal products companies and four packaged food companies are on the list, including several well-known ones.

Industry Analysis

Market Size of the Dividend Champions 2024

Large-cap companies do not dominate the list, which includes quite a few mid-cap ($2 billion – $10 billion) and small-cap ($300 million – $2 billion) companies.

Walmart (WMT) is the largest dividend champion by market capitalization, and First Financial (THFF) is the smallest. As mentioned before, the list does not include some small OTC stocks.

What do I like About the Dividend Champions 2024?

The Dividend Champions 2024 list is a screen for further investigating stocks for a dividend growth portfolio. It is a list of companies with stable businesses that have competitive advantages and have returned cash to shareholders consistently through dividends and, in some cases, buybacks over an extended period.

The list is not as exclusive as the Dividend Kings list. Still, 137 companies out of about 6,000 total companies on the NYSE and NASDAQ are roughly 2.28%, which points to their success.

Who’s On Deck?

At the start of the year, several companies on the Dividend Contender List have raised the dividend for 24 years. This number includes Brown-Forman (BF.A), Fastenal (FAST), Norwood Financial (NWFL), RGC Resources (RGCO), and John Wiley & Sons (WLY). These stocks will become Dividend Champions, assuming they raise their dividend in 2024.

List of Dividend Champions 2024

Stock Rover* and Portfolio Insight* were used to create this table.

TickerCompany NameNo. YearsDividend Yield (%)10-yr Dividend Growth Rate (%)Payout Ratio (%)TTM P/E RatioMarket Cap (millions)
ABMABM Indus562.103.8023.1011.1$2,645
ADMArcher-Daniels Midland483.809.0024.307.2$27,762
ADPAutomatic Data Processing492.4011.3059.1028$97,088
ALRSAlerus Finl253.308.2040.0012.7$462
AOSA.O. Smith301.6018.2059.4040.3$12,034
APDAir Products & Chemicals412.709.4066.4025.5$58,201
AROWArrow Finl304.103.6052.1013.3$455
ARTNAArtesian Resources313.203.3071.6023.5$377
ATOAtmos Energy392.808.1048.5018.7$17,149
AWRAmerican States Water692.307.8048.7022.6$2,778
BDXBecton Dickinson511.605.7073.2046.3$68,520
BENFranklin Resources434.5010.0069.8016.1$13,671
BKHBlack Hills534.905.1064.9013.2$3,453
BMIBadger Meter310.7011.6032.4045.9$4,219
BROBrown & Brown290.7010.0017.4025.2$21,879
CAHCardinal Health281.905.20326.70n/a$26,051
CASYCasey's General Stores250.609.1012.5021.3$10,226
CBSHCommerce Bancshares552.007.5026.9014.7$6,963
CBUCommunity Bank System313.704.9063.4019.2$2,594
CFRCullen/Frost Bankers303.406.3033.7011.8$6,890
CHDChurch & Dwight Co271.106.9060.7056.2$24,421
CHRWC.H. Robinson Worldwide252.805.7072.6026$10,196
CINFCincinnati Financial632.706.0027.8010.7$17,606
CNICanadian National Railway282.0013.9055.7019.6$80,080
CSLCarlisle Companies471.1014.5021.4021.2$15,045
CTBICommunity Trust Bancorp434.404.7038.909.6$753
CWTCalifornia Water Servs Gr562.505.00139.2061.4$2,618
EBTCEnterprise Bancorp293.208.0025.608.6$368
EDConsolidated Edison493.702.8047.4013.3$31,076
EMREmerson Electric662.202.009.0025.6$54,329
EPDEnterprise Prods Partners277.303.8079.5011.2$59,531
ERIEErie Indemnity331.507.2041.5045.1$18,070
ESEversource Energy254.906.3079.7016.5$19,254
ESSEssex Property Trust293.906.70112.0029$15,173
EXPDExpeditors Intl291.108.7025.3024.3$18,890
FDSFactSet Research Systems250.8010.8030.5038$17,926
FELEFranklin Electric311.0011.2020.8023.2$4,421
FLICFirst of Long Island276.506.2062.709.8$291
FRTFederal Realty Investment564.203.40125.9030.1$8,456
FULH.B. Fuller541.107.4028.8030$4,204
GDGeneral Dynamics322.009.0043.3022.1$72,336
GPCGenuine Parts672.705.9042.1016.1$19,996
GWWW.W. Grainger521.7014.9019.9024.6$43,838
HRLHormel Foods583.7010.9075.9021.4$16,946
ITWIllinois Tool Works602.1012.8051.6025.5$78,955
JKHYJack Henry & Associates341.2010.0041.3034.3$12,349
JNJJohnson & Johnson623.006.1034.6030.7$383,960
LANCLancaster Colony612.007.4079.6042.2$4,953
LECOLincoln Electric Holdings281.3011.9029.6026.3$12,815
LEGLeggett & Platt527.604.40114.7015.4$3,212
LOWLowe's Companies622.1019.8032.9016.3$121,912
MATWMatthews International282.808.1071.9027.2$1,051
MDUMDU Resources Gr332.60-3.4044.507.5$3,960
MGEEMGE Energy482.604.6050.3020$2,372
MGRCMcGrath RentCorp321.706.8024.7021.6$2,736
MKCMcCormick & Co372.408.5061.4027.4$18,536
MOAltria Group539.807.4077.608.2$71,099
MSAMSA Safety521.104.60216.30n/a$6,528
NEENextEra Energy293.2011.0048.2016.3$119,983
NFGNational Fuel Gas534.202.8037.309.2$4,386
NJRNew Jersey Resources284.007.2058.2015.3$4,062
NNNNNN REIT345.503.40104.0019.3$7,503
NWNNorthwest Natural Hldg675.000.6070.3014$1,424
ORealty Income315.603.50229.9041.7$45,732
ORIOld Republic Intl423.503.1030.709$7,847
OZKBank OZK283.1013.2024.108.5$5,517
PBProsperity Bancshares253.408.8043.9014.6$6,162
PGProcter & Gamble682.404.6060.7026.2$367,400
PHParker Hannifin681.3012.6030.7026.1$60,587
PPGPPG Indus521.807.9041.8026.7$33,728
RBCAARepublic Bancorp252.807.8032.2011.9$1,046
RNRRenaissanceRe Holdings280.703.105.007$11,198
ROPRoper Techs300.6014.109.9047.6$58,800
RPMRPM Intl501.706.7042.0026.3$13,842
SBSISouthside Bancshares294.507.1044.6011$936
SEICSEI Inv321.407.7025.3018.9$8,466
SJMJM Smucker263.206.20n/an/a$13,978
SJWSJW Gr562.607.6046.7018.8$1,918
SONSonoco Prods413.505.1040.0011.8$5,711
SPGIS&P Global500.8012.4046.0058.1$141,482
SRCE1st Source362.508.2025.0010.7$1,311
SWKStanley Black & Decker563.404.9068.83n/a$14,517
TDSTelephone and Data493.703.80n/an/a$2,269
THFFFirst Financial362.10-0.6020.007.8$493
TMPTompkins Finl374.504.10244.9055.6$770
TRTootsie Roll Industries571.104.2028.6026.7$2,085
TROWT. Rowe Price Gr374.4012.4069.0015.7$24,601
UBSIUnited Bankshares494.001.5050.2013.6$4,960
UHTUniversal Health Realty386.901.50226.0033.4$582
UMBFUMB Financial311.905.7019.4010.6$3,996
WABCWestamerica Bancorp313.701.5028.207.9$1,283
WPCW.P. Carey265.50-0.10116.7017.3$13,924
WSTWest Pharmaceutical Servs310.207.2010.1048.8$26,736
WTRGEssential Utilities333.406.8064.9020.3$10,000
XOMExxon Mobil413.704.2036.2010.2$411,667
YORWThe York Water262.403.9051.0022.4$510

In addition, the list changes slowly. However, even during extreme economic duress, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, only a handful of companies dropped off the list each year. This fact points to the resiliency of the businesses on the Dividend Champions 2024 list and management’s commitment to the dividend.

Dividend Calendar for the Dividend Champions 2024

Stock Rover* and Portfolio Insight* were used to create this table.

TickerCompanyEx-Dividend DateDividend Record DateDividend Payment DateDividend FrequencyNext Dividend Payment Per ShareDividend Per Share
ABMABM Indus1/3/241/4/242/5/244$0.22 $0.90
ADMArcher-Daniels Midland2/7/242/8/242/29/244$0.50 $2.00
ADPAutomatic Data Processing3/7/243/8/244/1/244$1.40 $5.60
AFLAflac2/20/242/21/243/1/244$0.50 $2.00
ALBAlbemarle12/14/2312/15/231/2/244$0.40 $1.60
ALRSAlerus Finl12/26/2312/27/231/12/244$0.19 $0.76
ANDEAndersons12/29/231/2/241/22/244$0.19 $0.76
AOSA.O. Smith1/30/241/31/242/15/244$0.32 $1.28
APDAir Products & Chemicals3/28/244/1/245/13/244$1.77 $7.02
AROWArrow Finl11/30/2312/1/2312/15/234$0.27 $1.08
ARTNAArtesian Resources11/15/2311/16/2311/24/234$0.29 $1.16
ATOAtmos Energy11/24/2311/27/2312/11/234$0.81 $3.22
ATRAptarGroup1/31/242/1/241/31/244$0.41 $1.64
AWRAmerican States Water11/14/2311/15/2312/1/234$0.43 $1.72
BANFBancFirst12/28/2312/29/231/16/244$0.43 $1.72
BDXBecton Dickinson3/7/243/8/243/29/244$0.95 $3.80
BENFranklin Resources1/2/241/3/241/12/244$0.31 $1.24
BF.BBrown-Forman3/7/243/8/244/1/244$0.22 $0.87
BKHBlack Hills11/16/2311/17/2312/1/234$0.62 $2.50
BMIBadger Meter11/22/2311/24/2312/8/234$0.27 $0.99
BRCBrady1/9/241/10/241/31/244$0.23 $0.94
BROBrown & Brown2/1/242/2/242/14/244$0.13 $0.52
CAHCardinal Health12/29/231/2/241/15/244$0.50 $2.00
CASYCasey's General Stores1/31/242/1/242/15/244$0.43 $1.72
CATCaterpillar1/19/241/22/242/20/244$1.30 $5.20
CATCCambridge11/1/2311/2/2311/16/234$0.67 $2.68
CBChubb12/14/2312/15/231/5/244$0.86 $3.44
CBSHCommerce Bancshares12/1/2312/4/2312/18/234$0.27 $1.08
CBUCommunity Bank System12/14/2312/15/231/10/244$0.45 $1.80
CFRCullen/Frost Bankers2/28/242/29/243/15/244$0.92 $3.68
CHDChurch & Dwight Co11/14/2311/15/2312/1/234$0.27 $1.09
CHRWC.H. Robinson Worldwide11/30/2312/1/231/2/244$0.61 $2.44
CINFCincinnati Financial12/18/2312/19/231/16/244$0.75 $3.00
CLColgate-Palmolive1/19/241/22/242/15/244$0.48 $1.92
CLXClorox1/23/241/24/242/9/244$1.20 $4.80
CNICanadian National Railway3/6/243/7/243/28/244$0.63 $2.51
CSLCarlisle Companies11/14/2311/15/2312/1/234$0.85 $3.40
CTASCintas2/14/242/15/243/15/244$1.35 $5.40
CTBICommunity Trust Bancorp12/14/2312/15/231/1/244$0.46 $1.84
CVXChevron11/16/2311/17/2312/11/234$1.51 $6.04
CWTCalifornia Water Servs Gr2/9/242/12/242/23/244$0.28 $1.12
DCIDonaldson2/9/242/12/242/28/244$0.25 $1.00
DOVDover11/29/2311/30/2312/15/234$0.51 $2.04
EBTCEnterprise Bancorp2/8/242/9/243/1/244$0.24 $0.96
ECLEcolab12/18/2312/19/231/16/244$0.57 $2.28
EDConsolidated Edison2/13/242/14/243/15/244$0.83 $3.32
EMREmerson Electric11/16/2311/17/2312/11/234$0.52 $2.10
ENBEnbridge2/14/242/15/243/1/244$0.67 $2.69
EPDEnterprise Prods Partners1/30/241/31/242/14/244$0.51 $2.01
ERIEErie Indemnity1/5/241/8/241/23/244$1.27 $5.10
ESEversource Energy12/15/2312/18/2312/29/234$0.68 $2.70
ESSEssex Property Trust12/29/231/2/241/12/244$2.31 $9.24
EXPDExpeditors Intl11/30/2312/1/2312/15/232$0.69 $1.38
FDSFactSet Research Systems11/29/2311/30/2312/21/234$0.98 $3.83
FELEFranklin Electric1/31/242/1/242/15/244$0.25 $1.00
FLICFirst of Long Island12/29/231/2/241/11/244$0.21 $0.84
FRTFederal Realty Investment12/29/231/2/241/16/244$1.09 $4.36
FULH.B. Fuller2/6/242/7/242/21/244$0.20 $0.82
GDGeneral Dynamics1/18/241/19/242/9/244$1.32 $5.28
GGGGraco1/19/241/22/242/7/244$0.25 $1.02
GPCGenuine Parts11/30/2312/1/231/2/244$0.95 $3.80
GWWW.W. Grainger11/10/2311/13/2312/1/234$3.72 $14.88
HRLHormel Foods1/12/241/16/242/15/244$0.28 $1.13
IBMIBM11/9/2311/10/2312/9/234$1.66 $6.64
ITWIllinois Tool Works12/28/2312/29/231/11/244$1.40 $5.60
JKHYJack Henry & Associates11/30/2312/1/2312/22/234$0.52 $2.08
JNJJohnson & Johnson2/16/242/20/243/5/244$1.19 $4.76
KMBKimberly-Clark3/7/243/8/244/2/244$1.22 $4.88
KOCoca-Cola11/30/2312/1/2312/15/234$0.46 $1.84
LANCLancaster Colony12/1/2312/4/2312/29/234$0.90 $3.60
LECOLincoln Electric Holdings12/28/2312/31/231/12/244$0.71 $2.84
LEGLeggett & Platt12/14/2312/15/231/12/244$0.46 $1.82
LINLinde12/1/2312/4/2312/18/234$1.27 $5.10
LOWLowe's Companies1/23/241/24/242/7/244$1.10 $4.40
MATWMatthews International2/2/242/5/242/19/244$0.24 $0.96
MCDMcDonald's11/30/2312/1/2312/15/234$1.67 $6.68
MDTMedtronic12/19/2312/20/231/12/244$0.69 $2.76
MDUMDU Resources Gr12/13/2312/14/231/1/244$0.12 $0.50
MGEEMGE Energy2/29/243/1/243/15/244$0.43 $1.69
MGRCMcGrath RentCorp1/16/241/17/241/31/244$0.47 $1.86
MKCMcCormick & Co12/28/2312/29/231/8/244$0.42 $1.68
MMM3M11/16/2311/17/2312/12/234$1.50 $6.00
MOAltria Group12/20/2312/21/231/10/244$0.98 $3.92
MSAMSA Safety2/14/242/15/243/10/244$0.47 $1.88
NDSNNordson12/18/2312/19/231/2/244$0.68 $2.72
NEENextEra Energy11/22/2311/24/2312/15/234$0.47 $1.87
NFGNational Fuel Gas12/28/2312/29/231/12/244$0.50 $1.98
NJRNew Jersey Resources3/12/243/13/244/1/244$0.42 $1.68
NNNNNN REIT1/30/241/31/242/15/244$0.56 $2.24
NUENucor12/28/2312/29/232/9/244$0.54 $2.16
NWNNorthwest Natural Hldg1/30/241/31/242/15/244$0.49 $1.95
ORealty Income1/31/242/1/242/15/2412$0.26 $3.08
ORIOld Republic Intl12/4/2312/5/2312/15/234$0.25 $0.98
OZKBank OZK1/12/241/16/241/23/244$0.38 $1.52
PBProsperity Bancshares3/14/243/15/244/1/244$0.56 $2.24
PEPPepsiCo11/30/2312/1/231/5/244$1.26 $4.95
PGProcter & Gamble1/18/241/19/242/15/244$0.94 $3.76
PHParker Hannifin2/8/242/9/243/1/244$1.48 $5.92
PIIPolaris11/30/2312/1/2312/15/234$0.65 $2.60
PPGPPG Indus2/15/242/16/243/12/244$0.65 $2.57
RBCAARepublic Bancorp3/14/243/15/244/19/244$0.41 $1.53
RLIRLI11/29/2311/30/2312/20/234$0.27 $1.08
RNRRenaissanceRe Holdings12/14/2312/15/2312/29/234$0.38 $1.52
ROPRoper Techs1/8/241/9/241/23/244$0.75 $3.00
RPMRPM Intl1/18/241/19/241/31/244$0.46 $1.84
RTXRTX11/16/2311/17/2312/14/234$0.59 $2.36
SBSISouthside Bancshares11/21/2311/22/2312/7/234$0.35 $1.40
SCLStepan11/29/2311/30/2312/15/234$0.38 $1.50
SEICSEI Inv12/27/2312/28/231/9/242$0.46 $0.92
SHWSherwin-Williams11/16/2311/17/2312/8/234$0.61 $2.42
SJMJM Smucker2/15/242/16/243/1/244$1.06 $4.24
SJWSJW Gr2/2/242/5/243/1/244$0.40 $1.54
SONSonoco Prods11/9/2311/10/2312/8/234$0.51 $2.04
SPGIS&P Global2/26/242/27/243/12/244$0.91 $3.64
SRCE1st Source2/2/242/5/242/15/244$0.34 $1.36
SWKStanley Black & Decker11/30/2312/1/2312/19/234$0.81 $3.24
SYKStryker12/28/2312/29/231/31/244$0.80 $3.20
SYYSysco1/4/241/5/241/26/244$0.50 $2.00
TDSTelephone and Data12/14/2312/15/2312/29/234$0.19 $0.74
TGTTarget2/20/242/21/243/10/244$1.10 $4.40
THFFFirst Financial12/29/231/2/241/16/242$0.45 $0.90
TMPTompkins Finl11/6/2311/7/2311/15/234$0.60 $2.40
TNCTennant11/29/2311/30/2312/15/234$0.28 $1.12
TRTootsie Roll Industries12/19/2312/20/231/11/244$0.09 $0.36
TROWT. Rowe Price Gr12/14/2312/15/2312/29/234$1.22 $4.88
UBSIUnited Bankshares12/7/2312/8/231/2/244$0.37 $1.48
UGIUGI12/14/2312/15/231/1/244$0.38 $1.50
UHTUniversal Health Realty12/18/2312/19/2312/29/234$0.73 $2.90
UMBFUMB Financial12/8/2312/11/231/2/244$0.39 $1.56
UVVUniversal1/5/241/8/242/5/244$0.80 $3.20
WABCWestamerica Bancorp2/2/242/5/242/16/244$0.44 $1.76
WMTWalmart12/7/2312/8/231/2/244$0.57 $2.28
WPCW.P. Carey12/28/2312/29/231/16/244$0.86 $3.44
WSTWest Pharmaceutical Servs1/30/241/31/242/7/244$0.20 $0.80
WTRGEssential Utilities2/8/242/9/243/1/244$0.31 $1.23
XOMExxon Mobil11/14/2311/15/2312/11/234$0.95 $3.80
YORWThe York Water12/28/2312/29/231/16/244$0.21 $0.84

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