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Top Dividend Blogs and Websites

Dividend Power presents the list of top dividend blogs or websites ranked by domain ranking. Domain ranking (DR) is a metric developed by ahrefs that shows the relative strength of the backlink profile. The score depends on the number and quality of the backlinks. Hence, a site with a higher score should be more authoritative and theoretically rank higher in search for terms about dividends. For instance, searching for “Microsoft dividend” should list websites with the highest relevance and ranking.

Dividend investors are always searching for new stock ideas. Dividend growth investors like stocks with streaks of rising payouts without dividend cuts. In comparison, income investors prefer stocks with high dividend yields. In either case, an opportune time to find dividend stocks is during bear markets, when valuations are down and yields are up. Long-term investors can buy more shares generating higher cash flow. Moreover, when bull markets return, stock prices rise.

Small retail investors can find many resources on the internet. In addition, the following top dividend blogs and websites may be helpful.


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Top Dividend Blogs and Websites

1.   Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha started as a crowd-sourced investment analysis website. The site was free for many years, relying on advertising to pay for operations. However, some time ago, the site changed to a subscription model. The site has changed and grown dramatically since then, with both retail and pro content. You can find single stock or ETF analyses, screeners, market data, news, and lists of top stocks. Additionally, Seeking Alpha now has portfolio brokerage linking and management tools.

The website’s users are avid investors with a higher level of knowledge. Besides the main site, they often subscribe to investing groups led by popular analysts with tens of thousands of followers. Investors of all ages and interests are on the site. It has 20+ million users, 2.6+ million newsletter and RTA subscribers, and 15,800+ contributors.

Seeking Alpha is the highest-ranked site on this list, with a domain ranking of 87. Moreover, the site describes itself as the largest investing community in the world. The Basic Plan is free with limited access; the Premium Plan is $239, while the Pro Plan is $499 annually. Seeking Alpha is great for investors with diverse interests.

2.   Morningstar

After starting as a subscription service for mutual fund reviews, Morningstar has evolved into a service covering mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, bonds, and personal finance. Investors can research all these investment products using screeners and reading detailed analyses. The platform also offers portfolio management tools that can link to your brokerage.

Morningstar’s users tend to be knowledgeable investors interested in fundamentals, long-term investing, and retirement. In addition, to retail investors, Morningstar has a separate platform for financial advisors, asset managers, and other professionals.

Morningstar is among the highest-rated sites, with a domain ranking of 86. The retail cost is $249 per year. The site offers a comprehensive and complete solution for staying on top of your investments.

3.   Dividend.com

The Dividend.com website offers both free and paid content. The service revolves around the Dividend Advantage Rating System (DARS) to rank approximately 1,600 dividend stocks. In addition, subscribers receive access to the article archive, screeners, model portfolios, monthly dividend income generator, top picks, etc.

Users are knowledgeable but not expert investors. They are often seeking to build long-term portfolios generating dividend income. The site states that over one million users employ the tools each month.

The Dividend.com website is rated at a DR of 65. The site offers one price of $199 per year. This website may be a solid choice if you are an active do-it-yourself investor desiring to create a monthly dividend income.

4.   Sure Dividend

The Sure Dividend website was started in 2014 by Ben Reynolds. The site offers free content but also premium newsletter subscriptions. The team provides three newsletters focusing on dividend growth and high-income stocks. In addition, more serious investors can subscribe to the research database of more than 850 stocks, but it has a waitlist.

Subscribers typically try to build a passive income stream and partially live on dividends during retirement. Hence, they are often do-it-yourself investors who need structure and help to construct a portfolio. As a result, it is one of the more popular dividend newsletters with a loyal following.

The Sure Dividend site has a domain rating of 63. The flagship Sure Dividend Newsletter* is $158 through Dividend Power. Other offerings include Sure Retirement Newsletter* and the Sure Passive Income Newsletter* for $158 through Dividend Power. So, if you are looking ahead at retirement and interested in a longer-term approach, Sure Dividend may be your answer.

5.   Dividend Channel

Dividend Channel is another well-regarded website with a significant amount of free information, including data, calendars, screeners, charts, articles, videos, etc. The site is extensive since it dates to 2010. Users can access high-yield stocks, BDCs, preferred stocks, and ETFs.

Many retirees and income investors like this site. The best feature is the DRIP Stock Returns calculator allowing users to compare dividends reinvested versus not reinvested over the chosen period. Try it out with a dividend stock you have owned for many years. The difference in total return may be eye-opening.

The Dividend Channel site has a DR of 47, making it another well-liked site. Although the site is free, one only gets six pages of free content every six hours. You must register to remove the limitation. The premium newsletters and model portfolios are a paid service.

6.   Simply Safe Dividends

Simply Safe Dividends is a well-regarded site known for its trademarked Dividend Safety Scores. The site was started by Brian Bollinger in 2015. He was in the investment management industry and a CPA. Reportedly, he was motivated by the “high fees, lackluster performance, complicated advice, and dubious sources of information online if they wanted to go it alone.”

Income investors like this site because it focuses on building an income stream and preserving capital. Simply Safe Dividends said the safety scores avoided 97% of cuts. In addition, the blog includes stock ideas, guides, analyses, and market commentary.

Simply Safe Dividends has a domain ranking of 46 and receives a decent amount of traffic. The site is free, and some features are only for subscribers. However, to access the Dividend Safety Scores and primary content, you need the paid service at $499 per year.

7.   Dividend Power

Dividend Power is a website about building wealth and financial independence through smart dividend growth investing and saving. The blog was created in 2019 by Prakash Kolli, who started as an author for Seeking Alpha. Today, he also writes for Sure Dividend, Investor Place, Seeking Alpha, and MSN, and is part of Portfolio Insight* team.

The free site covers dividend growth and income stocks, REITs, ETFs, index funds, books, personal finance, and travel from several authors. Besides U.S. equities, Dividend Power also covers Canadian stocks. The site is excellent for initial ideas and deeper analysis. But investors must remember building wealth and achieving financial independence is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It takes time and patience.

The Dividend Power website has a domain ranking of 37, making it another popular free site. In addition, Dividend Power is found on Twitter, FlipBoard, and the shorter weekly stock of the week content is found on Substack. An e-book about 10 Forever Dividend Growth Stocks is available for $5. The simple way to access the content is by subscribing to the free weekly newsletter.

8.   Dividend Mantra

Dividend Mantra is about attaining financial independence early in life through dividend investing. The blog was created by Jason Fieber, also known as Mr. Free at 33, and follows the philosophy. He has reportedly increased his wealth from below zero to six figures following his process. Dividend Mantra also has a presence on Twitter and Facebook.

Like many other blogs, the site is free. Readers can read about stocks, passive income updates, recent buys, strategies, watch lists, etc. The site is suitable for ideas and motivation for those desiring to live on dividend income. 

The Dividend Mantra website has a DR of 37; thus, it is one of the more accepted dividend investing sites. The content is well thought out and easy to read. Besides the free site, the book is $4.99. The site’s owner used to provide free access to his portfolio, but it is now available as paid service for $8 per month through the Mr. Free at 33 blog.

9.   Dividend Guy Blog

The Dividend Guy Blog is one of three Canadian-centric dividend growth sites on the list of top dividend blogs. Mike retired from the corporate world at age 35 and focuses on a dividend growth strategy and in his words, an unconventional lifestyle. The site’s owner was in the financial industry, and thus he provides a professional viewpoint. Notably, he is the second Dividend Guy, having bought the blog in 2005.

The blog is free and includes his portfolio of Canadian and U.S. stocks. His strategy is based on seven investing principles, the PRO rating score, and a dividend safety score. Besides the articles on the site, Mike hosts a podcast and has thousands of followers on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

The Dividend Guy Blog has a domain ranking of 34. The free content is decent, but the paid content is for more serious investors and gives access to the scoring systems, reports, analyses, and more. The Dividend Stocks Rock site is $199 annually for the basic version and $399 per year for the Pro option.

10. Dividend Earner

Dividend Earner is a Canadian-centric dividend growth investing site. The blog is about building wealth and financial independence. The site’s owner fired his financial planner in 2009 and eventually followed the dividend growth investing method. After that, it took him nine years to become a millionaire after starting with only CAD 45k.

Most of the site is free and is tailored to Canadian investors. But the site’s owner invests in Canadian and American stocks and shows his portfolio and passive income. In addition, you can read about the best stock and ETF ideas, model portfolios, guides, and investing basics. Also, you have access to screeners.

The Dividend Earner site has a DR of 33. It is a well-followed Canadian dividend growth investing site. The site is free, but for CAD 39, you gain access to a dividend portfolio tracker. The content is another site suitable for those who need organization and guidance from someone who has figured out how to build wealth and a passive income stream.

11. Simply Investing

Simply Investing is the third dividend site owned by a Canadian on this list. The website is about earning more by investing in dividend stocks. The creator, Kanwal Sarai, started in the software industry and eventually formed the Simply Investing Course in 2007. Besides the website and blog, Kanwal has thousands of followers for his podcast, FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.

The Simply Investing blog and podcast are free and focus on interviews with other dividend investors. Some free information about the 12 Rules of Simply Investing and Retirement is also available. However, the investors must sign up for the paid service to access the in-depth content.

The Simply Investing website has a domain ranking of 32 and is a well-regarded service. The Simply Investing Course* comes in the Basic Package for $297, the Value Package for $497, and the Premium Bundle for $999. All are discounted by 15% through our link The course is a great place to start if you have been unsuccessful in investing or are new to it. You can also sign up to try the Simply Investing Report & Research Platform*for $270 annually for a single country or $480 annually for Canada and the U.S. Again, it is discounted 15% through Dividend Power.

12. Dividend Diplomats

The Dividend Diplomats blog is a trendy free site for dividend growth and income investing communities. The site is operated by Bert and Lanny, two 30-somethings with a background in accounting and finance. Besides the website, they have a substantial presence on social media, with tens of thousands of followers on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. They also post articles to Seeking Alpha.

Most, if not all, of the Dividend Diplomat content is free. You can track their retirement and taxable portfolios and income streams. Readers are often looking for investment ideas and motivation.

The Dividend Diplomat website has a domain ranking of 30, making it one of the more prevalent dividend-focused blogs. The content is a great place for initial ideas. Therefore, pairing the ideas with deeper research from other sites makes sense.

13. DivGro 2.0

DivGro 2.0 is run by Ferdi Scheepers. He recently migrated his site to another platform, changing the name to DivGro 2.0. Ferdi is a famous writer on Seeking Alpha and also works with Portfolio Insight*. He focuses on generating passive income. Readers can track his yearly and all-time total.

One of the most liked features is the ten dividend growth stocks each month based on the dividend quality grade or another metric, like the Chowder Rule. He often bases his ranking on information from Dividend Radar. Ferdi also provides access to his monthly newsletter and portfolio but only to subscribers.

The original DivGro site has a DR of 19. However, the content is excellent and for serious dividend growth investors. The site is free, and some content is only for subscribers, but currently, there is no cost. The DivGro blog is best for investors with a long-term horizon.

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