largest companies in the world

The Largest Companies in the World by Market Capitalization

The Largest Companies in the World in 2024

The 2022 bear market in tech stocks reordered the ranking of the largest companies by market capitalization. However, the tech recovery in 2023 has turned into a bull market causing valuations to surge. Here are the 10 largest companies in the World in ranked by market capitalization.

A list of the 100 largest companies by market capitalization with select financial data is included at the bottom of the article.


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1. Microsoft

Microsoft Photo Credit: Deposit Photos

Microsoft (MSFT) is a diversified technology conglomerate with enterprise and retail hardware and software businesses. The firm has overtaken Apple as the most valuable company. It is worth $3.126 trillion. In addition, the company is known for its AAA-rated balance sheet and an A+ dividend quality grade. Microsoft is probably on of the safest dividend stocks. It also makes our list of top dividend growth stocks.

2. Apple

Apple (AAPL)
Photo Credit: Deposit Photos

Apple (AAPL) is the second largest company in America and the World. The company is worth $2.648 trillion, down from our last update. That said, Apple was worth nearly $3 trillion at its peak. However, fears of a soft mobile phone market have kept investors away.

3. Nvidia

Nvidia (NVDA) Photo Credit: Deposit Photos

Nvidia (NVDA) may be the least well-known stock on the list. But gamers and those who know artificial intelligence know about the company’s leadership in graphics, AI, data centers, cryptocurrency mining, etc., chips. Leadership in this area has allowed Nvidia to reach a market value of $2,258 trillion, enough to be number three on this list of largest companies in the world.

4. Saudi Aramco

Saudi Aramco
Saudi Aramco (ARMCO) Photo Credit: Deposit Photos

Saudi Aramco (ARMCO) is the only non-American company in the top ten largest companies in the world. It is also the only Saudi Arabian company on the list. The firm is worth $1.984 trillion. The firm has more revenue and profit than the companies ranked higher on this list because of high oil prices. But it’s a commodity, and the cost of oil may eventually come down.

5. Alphabet (Google)

Alphabet (GOOG, GOOGL) Photo Credit: Deposit Photos

Alphabet (GOOG, GOOGL) is no stranger to most readers. Most of us use the company’s Chrome search engine daily, watch a video on YouTube, use an Android operating system, or have a Pixel phone. Google’s ubiquity on the internet and hold on search advertising has allowed the market capitalization to reach $1.885 trillion.

6. Amazon

Amazon (AMZN) Photo Credit: Deposit Photos (AMZN) dominates online retail. Millions of people buy items through the company daily. Amazon is also a market leader in the cloud and owns Whole Foods. Amazon has grown to a $1.873 trillion company. But still, it has made Jeff Bezos and MacKenzie Scott wealthy.

7. Meta Platforms (Facebook)

Meta Platforms
Meta Platforms (META) Photo Crediti: Deposit Photos

Meta Platforms (META) is better known as the parent of Facebook. This is another tech stock whose share price has plunged. Meta is facing several challenges, and investors sold the shares. However, the stock price has bounced back as the company cuts costs. Meta’s current valuation of $1.237 trillion is enough to be seventh of largest companies in the world.

8. Berkshire Hathaway

Berkshire Hathaway
Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A, BRK.B) Photo Credit: Deposit Photos

Almost all investors know Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A. BRK.B). At $909.25 billion, it is the largest conglomerate in the United States with diverse operations in energy, railroads, freight, flooring, insurance, etc. The company has also made Warren Buffett’s net worth exceed $130 billion. Buffett’s partner Charlie Munger’s net worth has also increased.

9. Eli Lilly

Eli Lilly
Eli Lilly (LLY) Photo Credit: Deposit Photos

Eli Lilly (LLY) is the first pharmaceutical company on the list. It researches, develops, and commercializes therapies. It focuses on oncology, arthritis, diabetes, and anti-obesity therapies. The company’s price is surging because of recent weight loss drug approvals. The firm is worth $739.65 billion, making it the pharma company with the highest market capitalization.

10. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (TSMC)
Photo Credit: Deposit Photos

Tesla (TSLA) is the global leader in electric vehicles. Its CEO built a car company, advancing vehicle batteries, charging, autonomous vehicles, etc. Consumers liked what they saw and were paying a premium for the cars. Tesla’s stock price soared but has dropped more than 50% from its peak. Still, Tesla is No. 9 on this list of largest companies in the world, with a value of $744.53 billion.

Disclosure: Long MSFT, AAPL, and V.

Largest Companies by Market Capitalization

Stock Rover* was used for creating this table.

TickerCompanyDividend YieldEPS 5-Year Avg (%)Dividend 5-Year Avg (%)Dividend 10-Year Avg (%)Payout RatioDebt / EquityPrice / EarningsCap ($M USD)
ABNBAirbnb- - - - - 0.322.8$105,222
ABTAbbott Laboratories1.90%20.00%11.40%9.60%62.20%0.434.8$197,221
ACNAccenture1.50%9.90%- 10.20%43.20%0.131.5$217,923
ADBEAdobe- 14.20%- - 0.00%0.348.3$226,078
ADPAutomatic Data Processing2.20%18.70%12.10%11.30%59.70%0.829.1$102,553
AMATApplied Mat0.80%17.00%9.90%12.30%14.30%0.324.3$171,281
AMDAdvanced Micro Devices- 10.60%- - - 0.1344.8$291,697
AMGNAmgen3.20%-0.20%9.20%13.90%67.80%10.422.8$152,340 23.50%- - - 0.762.1$1,871,182
ARMARM Holdings- - - - - 0.1500+$128,458
ASMLASML Holding0.70%26.70%- 23.00%29.90%0.345.1$380,261
AXPAmerican Express1.20%7.20%9.00%10.10%21.40%1.820.3$163,945
BABoeing- - - - - - - $117,749
BABAAlibaba Gr Holding1.40%7.90%- - 18.10%0.213.5$180,972
BACBank of America2.50%3.40%9.90%37.40%29.70%1.212.3$299,213
BHPBHP Group5.30%-2.60%5.50%2.00%116.40%0.519.8$148,062
BKNGBooking Holdings1.00%7.10%- - - - 30.9$123,968
BMYBristol-Myers Squibb4.40%5.10%7.90%5.20%59.50%1.414$109,663
BRK.ABerkshire Hathaway- 93.40%- - - 0.29.6$908,919
BRK.BBerkshire Hathaway- 93.40%- - - 0.29.5$908,919
BSXBoston Scientific- -2.10%- - - 0.564.1$100,673
BUDAnheuser-Busch InBev1.40%4.90%- -12.90%31.10%123.4$120,585
CICigna Group1.50%10.50%- 63.90%28.00%0.720.9$103,017
COSTCostco Wholesale0.60%14.40%12.30%12.60%26.60%0.547.9$324,778
CRMSalesforce0.50%24.00%- - - 0.271.9$292,144
CSCOCisco Systems3.20%4.00%3.40%8.70%47.30%0.315.2$202,054
CVSCVS Health3.30%- 5.90%9.20%37.30%112.3$100,373
DISWalt Disney0.70%-25.90%- -10.00%18.40%0.575.2$224,445
ELVElevance Health1.30%12.20%15.30%14.10%23.30%0.620.6$120,648
ETNEaton Corp1.10%10.30%5.80%6.70%42.70%0.539.1$125,038
FMXFomento Economico1.60%3.90%8.50%5.90%42.60%0.8113.6$233,067
GEGeneral Electric0.20%- 0.00%-26.60%3.80%0.822$191,901
GOOGAlphabet- 21.50%- - - 0.126.3$1,884,943
GOOGLAlphabet- 21.50%- - - 0.126$1,882,363
GSGoldman Sachs Gr2.60%-2.00%28.00%17.50%45.60%2.918.3$135,551
HDHome Depot2.40%9.20%10.60%17.00%55.20%5025.4$380,153
HDBHDFC Bank1.20%20.40%20.30%17.20%20.00%1.817.5$131,231
HONHoneywell Intl2.10%-1.20%5.70%9.10%48.90%1.424.2$133,840
HSBCHSBC Holdings7.70%12.60%8.00%5.00%46.10%1.36.9$147,232
ISRGIntuitive Surgical- 9.70%- - - 079.4$141,456
JNJJohnson & Johnson3.00%-1.50%5.70%6.10%33.90%0.430.4$381,203
JPMJPMorgan Chase2.30%12.50%5.60%10.70%25.20%1.312.4$576,938
LLYEli Lilly and Co0.70%13.70%15.00%10.20%77.70%2.3133.3$739,657
LMTLockheed Martin2.80%9.40%7.40%9.00%43.90%2.616.5$109,394
LOWLowe's Companies1.70%35.90%18.00%19.80%32.90%- 19.3$145,752
LRCXLam Research0.80%9.10%12.70%30.90%28.60%0.637.5$127,375
MCDMcDonald's2.40%8.90%7.60%7.50%53.60%- 24.4$203,582
METAMeta Platforms0.40%14.40%- - - 0.232.7$1,237,940
MMCMarsh & McLennan1.40%18.40%11.30%11.00%34.20%1.327.3$101,271
MRKMerck & Co2.30%-42.90%7.00%5.80%2114.30%0.9500+$334,182
MSMorgan Stanley3.60%1.80%23.20%32.80%62.00%2.818.2$153,976
MUMicron Technology0.40%- - - - 0.3- $130,525
MUFGMitsubishi UFJ Finl Gr2.40%24.40%7.50%8.40%20.80%2.69.1$121,135
NEENextEra Energy3.20%0.70%10.50%11.00%51.80%1.517.8$131,170
NFLXNetflix- 35.00%- - - 0.750.5$262,853
NOWServiceNow- - - - - 0.390.9$156,292
NVONovo Nordisk1.10%18.50%18.70%12.70%37.70%0.347.4$570,985
PDDPDD Holdings- - - - - 0.126.5$154,448
PGProcter & Gamble2.30%7.70%5.60%4.60%60.70%0.727.2$381,777
PGRProgressive0.60%8.30%- 8.80%4.50%0.331.5$121,134
PMPhilip Morris Intl5.70%-0.20%2.70%3.30%102.40%- 18.3$142,236
REGNRegeneron Pharmaceuticals- 10.30%- - - 0.127.7$105,612
RIORio Tinto6.80%-4.80%7.40%8.90%64.80%0.310.3$107,097
RYRoyal Bank of Canada4.00%4.90%7.10%7.50%67.60%3.812.7$142,207
SBUXStarbucks2.50%10.40%9.60%15.90%57.50%- 24.5$103,428
SCHWCharles Schwab1.40%0.70%8.00%15.30%39.20%1.428.5$131,974
SONYSony Group0.60%2.00%15.60%7.90%11.40%0.618.8$106,764
SPGIS&P Global0.90%1.30%9.80%11.70%43.60%0.451.8$136,253
TDToronto-Dominion Bank5.00%0.90%8.80%9.00%83.10%3.613$106,886
TJXTJX Companies1.30%7.80%11.30%16.50%35.10%1.826.3$115,586
TMToyota Motor1.60%20.70%2.60%5.40%19.00%111.5$338,519
TMOThermo Fisher Scientific0.30%16.30%15.50%10.00%9.00%0.837$221,622
TMUST-Mobile US1.60%15.60%- - 9.30%1.823.5$193,708
TSLATesla- - - - - 0.240.8$559,854
TSMTaiwan Semiconductor1.50%19.10%- 15.20%33.30%0.326.9$587,833
TXNTexas Instruments3.00%4.80%11.00%15.80%70.40%0.724.6$158,540
UBERUber Technologies- - - - - 188.5$160,258
UNHUnitedHealth Group1.50%14.40%15.90%21.00%30.20%0.720.8$456,080
UNPUnion Pacific2.10%5.70%8.10%11.10%49.70%2.323.5$150,040
UPSUnited Parcel Service4.40%7.20%11.20%9.30%83.00%1.519.1$126,801
VRTXVertex Pharmaceuticals- 11.40%- - - 0.130.1$107,975
VZVerizon Communications6.30%-6.10%2.00%2.30%95.50%1.915.3$176,651
WFCWells Fargo2.40%2.40%-4.90%1.60%26.60%1.212$205,201
XOMExxon Mobil3.30%12.70%3.00%4.20%41.40%0.213.1$461,222

Dividend Calendar

Stock Rover* was used for creating this table.

TickerCompanyEx-Dividend DateDividend Record DateDividend Payment DateDividend FrequencyNext Dividend Payment Per ShareDividend Per Share
AAPLApple2/9/242/12/242/15/244$0.24 $0.96
ABBVAbbVie4/12/244/15/245/15/244$1.55 $6.20
ABNBAirbnb- - -
ABTAbbott Laboratories4/12/244/15/245/15/244$0.55 $2.20
ACNAccenture4/10/244/11/245/15/244$1.29 $5.16
ADBEAdobe- - -
ADPAutomatic Data Processing3/7/243/8/244/1/244$1.40 $5.60
AMATApplied Mat5/22/245/23/246/13/244$0.40 $1.60
AMDAdvanced Micro Devices- - -
AMGNAmgen5/16/245/17/246/7/244$2.25 $9.00 - -
ARMARM Holdings- - -
ASMLASML Holding4/26/244/29/245/7/244$1.90 $6.64
AVGOBroadcom3/20/243/21/243/29/244$5.25 $21.00
AXPAmerican Express4/4/244/5/245/10/244$0.70 $2.80
AZNAstraZeneca2/22/242/23/243/25/242$0.99 $1.45
BABoeing- - -
BABAAlibaba Gr Holding12/20/2312/21/231/18/241$1.00 $1.00
BACBank of America2/29/243/1/243/29/244$0.24 $0.96
BHPBHP Group3/7/243/8/243/28/242$1.44 $3.04
BKNGBooking Holdings3/7/243/8/243/28/244$8.75 $35.00
BLKBlackRock3/6/243/7/243/22/244$5.10 $20.40
BMYBristol-Myers Squibb4/4/244/5/245/1/244$0.60 $2.40
BPBP2/15/242/16/243/28/244$0.44 $1.71
BRK.ABerkshire Hathaway- - -
BRK.BBerkshire Hathaway- - -
BSXBoston Scientific- - -
BUDAnheuser-Busch InBev5/3/245/6/245/7/241$0.82 $0.82
CCitigroup2/2/242/5/242/23/244$0.53 $2.10
CATCaterpillar1/19/241/22/242/20/244$1.30 $5.20
CBChubb3/14/243/15/244/5/244$0.86 $3.44
CICigna Group3/5/243/6/243/21/244$1.40 $5.60
CMCSAComcast4/2/244/3/244/24/244$0.31 $1.24
COPConocoPhillips2/15/242/19/243/1/244$0.78 $3.58
COSTCostco Wholesale2/1/242/2/242/16/244$1.02 $4.08
CRMSalesforce3/13/243/14/244/11/244$0.40 $1.60
CSCOCisco Systems4/3/244/4/244/24/244$0.40 $1.60
CVSCVS Health4/19/244/22/245/1/244$0.67 $2.66
CVXChevron2/15/242/16/243/11/244$1.63 $6.52
DEDeere3/27/243/29/245/8/244$1.47 $5.88
DHRDanaher3/27/243/28/244/26/244$0.27 $1.08
DISWalt Disney7/5/247/8/247/25/242$0.45 $0.90
ELVElevance Health3/7/243/8/243/22/244$1.63 $6.52
ETNEaton Corp3/8/243/11/243/29/244$0.94 $3.52
FMXFomento Economico11/3/2311/6/2311/17/232$1.04 $2.07
GEGeneral Electric12/27/2312/28/231/25/244$0.08 $0.32
GOOGAlphabet- - -
GOOGLAlphabet- - -
GSGoldman Sachs Gr2/28/242/29/243/28/244$2.75 $11.00
HDHome Depot3/6/243/7/243/21/244$2.25 $9.00
HDBHDFC Bank5/12/235/15/231$0.70 $0.70
HONHoneywell Intl2/29/243/1/243/15/244$1.08 $4.32
HSBCHSBC Holdings3/7/243/8/244/25/244$1.54 $3.05
IBMIBM2/8/242/9/243/9/244$1.66 $6.64
INTCIntel2/6/242/7/243/1/244$0.12 $0.50
INTUIntuit4/9/244/10/244/18/244$0.90 $3.60
ISRGIntuitive Surgical- - -
JNJJohnson & Johnson2/16/242/20/243/5/244$1.19 $4.76
JPMJPMorgan Chase4/4/244/5/244/30/244$1.15 $4.60
KOCoca-Cola3/14/243/15/244/1/244$0.49 $1.94
LINLinde3/13/243/14/243/28/244$1.39 $5.56
LLYEli Lilly and Co2/14/242/15/243/8/244$1.30 $5.20
LMTLockheed Martin2/29/243/1/243/29/244$3.15 $12.60
LOWLowe's Companies4/23/244/24/245/8/244$1.10 $4.40
LRCXLam Research3/12/243/13/244/3/244$2.00 $8.00
MAMastercard4/8/244/9/245/9/244$0.66 $2.64
MCDMcDonald's2/29/243/1/243/15/244$1.67 $6.68
MDTMedtronic3/21/243/22/244/12/244$0.69 $2.76
METAMeta Platforms2/21/242/22/243/26/244$0.50 $2.00
MMCMarsh & McLennan4/3/244/4/245/15/244$0.71 $2.84
MRKMerck & Co3/14/243/15/244/5/244$0.77 $3.08
MSMorgan Stanley1/30/241/31/242/15/244$0.85 $3.40
MSFTMicrosoft5/15/245/16/246/13/244$0.75 $3.00
MUMicron Technology3/28/244/1/244/16/244$0.12 $0.46
MUFGMitsubishi UFJ Finl Gr9/28/239/29/2312/15/232$0.14 $0.25
NEENextEra Energy2/26/242/27/243/15/244$0.51 $2.06
NFLXNetflix- - -
NKENike3/1/243/4/244/1/244$0.37 $1.48
NOWServiceNow- - -
NVDANVIDIA3/5/243/6/243/27/244$0.04 $0.16
NVONovo Nordisk3/22/243/25/244/2/242$0.93 $1.37
NVSNovartis3/7/243/8/241$3.78 $3.78
ORCLOracle4/9/244/10/244/24/244$0.40 $1.60
PDDPDD Holdings- - -
PEPPepsiCo2/29/243/1/244/1/244$1.26 $5.06
PFEPfizer1/25/241/26/243/1/244$0.42 $1.68
PGProcter & Gamble1/18/241/19/242/15/244$0.94 $3.76
PGRProgressive4/3/244/4/244/12/244$0.10 $1.15
PLDPrologis3/15/243/18/243/29/244$0.96 $3.84
PMPhilip Morris Intl3/20/243/21/244/9/244$1.30 $5.20
QCOMQualcomm2/28/242/29/243/21/244$0.80 $3.20
REGNRegeneron Pharmaceuticals- - -
RIORio Tinto3/7/243/8/244/18/242$2.58 $4.35
RTXRTX2/22/242/23/243/21/244$0.59 $2.36
RYRoyal Bank of Canada4/24/244/25/245/24/244$1.02 $4.08
SAPSAP5/12/235/15/235/22/231$2.23 $2.23
SBUXStarbucks5/16/245/17/245/31/244$0.57 $2.28
SCHWCharles Schwab2/8/242/9/242/23/244$0.25 $1.00
SHELShell2/15/242/16/243/25/244$0.69 $2.75
SNYSanofi5/9/245/10/246/6/241$2.04 $2.04
SONYSony Group9/28/239/29/2312/12/232$0.27 $0.54
SPGIS&P Global2/26/242/27/243/12/244$0.91 $3.64
SYKStryker3/27/243/29/244/30/244$0.80 $3.20
TAT&T1/9/241/10/242/1/244$0.28 $1.11
TDToronto-Dominion Bank4/8/244/9/244/30/244$0.76 $3.00
TJXTJX Companies2/14/242/15/243/7/244$0.33 $1.33
TMToyota Motor9/28/239/29/2312/4/232$2.00 $4.01
TMOThermo Fisher Scientific3/14/243/15/244/15/244$0.39 $1.56
TMUST-Mobile US5/31/245/31/246/13/244$0.65 $2.60
TSLATesla- - -
TSMTaiwan Semiconductor6/13/246/13/247/11/244$0.56 $2.05
TTETotalEnergies3/18/243/19/244/15/244$0.81 $3.20
TXNTexas Instruments1/30/241/31/242/13/244$1.30 $5.20
UBERUber Technologies- - -
ULUnilever2/22/242/23/243/22/244$0.46 $1.86
UNHUnitedHealth Group3/8/243/11/243/19/244$1.88 $7.52
UNPUnion Pacific2/28/242/29/243/29/244$1.30 $5.20
UPSUnited Parcel Service2/16/242/20/243/8/244$1.63 $6.52
VVisa2/8/242/9/243/1/244$0.52 $2.08
VRTXVertex Pharmaceuticals- - -
VZVerizon Communications4/9/244/10/245/1/244$0.67 $2.66
WFCWells Fargo2/1/242/2/243/1/244$0.35 $1.40
WMTWalmart5/9/245/10/245/28/244$0.21 $0.83
XOMExxon Mobil2/13/242/14/243/11/244$0.95 $3.80

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