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The Complete Fidelity ETF List

Fidelity is one of the largest asset managers in the world. The firm became famous because of its stable of actively managed mutual funds run by star managers and offered through many retirement plans. More recently, Fidelity has added a list of ETFs to its offerings.

Of all the actively managed funds, Fidelity Magellan was known for its long-term performance and the manager behind it, Peter Lynch. He grew Fidelity Magellan from $18 million in assets under management (AUM) to $14 billion in thirteen years, becoming known as one of the greatest investors. If you desire to invest like him, read Peter Lynch’s books.

Fidelity still offers many solid, actively managed mutual funds. However, the draw of low expense ratios eventually caught up to the firm. As a result, Fidelity has added a number of ETFs and index funds since 2013.


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Fidelity Overview

Fidelity offers 52 exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to clients. The funds cover equities and bonds. Under equities, investors can find mostly large-cap, sector, and industry ETFs. The asset manager also offers a few mid-cap and international ETFs. In addition, Fidelity offers bond hybrid funds ETFs.

The expense ratios range from a low of 0.084% to a maximum of 0.60%, with an average of 0.34%.

The Complete List of Fidelity ETFs

The list of Fidelity ETFs is below.

TickerNameAsset ClassExpense Ratio
FBCGFidelity Blue Chip Growth ETFStock - Large-Cap0.59%
FBCVFidelity Blue Chip Value ETFStock - Large-Cap0.59%
FRNWFidelity Clean Energy ETFStock - Industry0.39%
FCLDFidelity Cloud Computing ETFStock - Industry0.39%
FCORFidelity Corporate Bond ETFBond0.36%
FDIGFidelity Crypto Industry and Digital Payments ETFStock - Industry0.39%
FDHTFidelity Digital Health ETFStock - Industry0.39%
FDRRFidelity Dividend ETF for Rising RatesStock - Large-Cap0.29%
FDRVFidelity Electric Vehicles and Future Transportation ETFStock - Industry0.39%
FDEMFidelity Emerging Markets Multifactor ETFStock - International0.45%
FGROFidelity Growth Opportunities ETFStock - Large-Cap0.59%
FDVVFidelity High Dividend ETFStock - Large-Cap0.29%
FDHYFidelity High Yield Factor ETFBond0.45%
FIDIFidelity International High Dividend ETFStock - International0.39%
FDEVFidelity International Multifactor ETFStock - International0.39%
FIVAFidelity International Value Factor ETFStock - International0.39%
FIGBFidelity Investment Grade Bond ETFBond0.39%
FSECFidelity Investment Grade Securitized ETFBond0.39%
FLTBFidelity Limited Term Bond ETFBond0.25%
FLDRFidelity Low Duration Bond Factor ETFBond0.15%
FDLOFidelity Low Volatility Factor ETFStock - Large-Cap0.29%
FMAGFidelity Magellan ETFStock - Large-Cap0.59%
FMETFidelity Metaverse ETFStock - Industry0.39%
FDMOFidelity Momentum Factor ETFStock - Large-Cap0.29%
FCOMFidelity MSCI Communication Services Index ETFStock - Sector0.084%
FDISFidelity MSCI Consumer Discretionary Index ETFStock - Sector0.084%
FSTAFidelity MSCI Consumer Staples Index ETFStock - Sector0.084%
FENYFidelity MSCI Energy Index ETFStock - Sector0.084%
FNCLFidelity MSCI Financials Index ETFStock - Sector0.084%
FHLCFidelity MSCI Health Care Index ETFStock - Sector0.084%
FIDUFidelity MSCI Industrials Index ETFStock - Sector0.084%
FTECFidelity MSCI Information Technology Index ETFStock - Sector0.084%
FMATFidelity MSCI Materials Index ETFStock - Sector0.084%
FRELFidelity MSCI Real Estate Index ETFStock - Sector0.084%
FUTYFidelity MSCI Utilities Index ETFStock - Sector0.084%
ONEQFidelity Nasdaq Composite Index ETFStock - Large-Cap0.21%
FMILFidelity New Millennium ETFStock - Industry0.59%
FPFDFidelity Preferred Securities & Inc ETFHybrid0.59%
FQALFidelity Quality Factor ETFStock - Large-Cap0.29%
FPROFidelity Real Estate Investment ETFStock - Sector0.59%
FSMOFidelity Small-Mid Cap Opportunities ETFStock - Mid-Cap0.60%
FSMDFidelity Small-Mid Multifactor ETFStock - Mid-Cap0.29%
FCPIFidelity Stocks for Inflation ETFStock - Industry0.29%
FSBDFidelity Sustainable Core Plus Bond ETFBond0.39%
FSYDFidelity Sustainable High Yield ETFBond0.55%
FSLDFidelity Sustainable Low Duration Bond ETFBond0.20%
FSSTFidelity Sustainable U.S. Equity ETFStock - Industry0.59%
FTBDFidelity Tactical Bond ETFBond0.55%
FBNDFidelity Total Bond ETFBond0.36%
FLRGFidelity U.S. Multifactor ETFStock - Large-Cap0.29%
FVALFidelity Value Factor ETFStock - Large-Cap0.29%
FDWMFidelity Women's Leadership ETFStock - Industry0.59%

Source: Fidelity Website

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