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The 10 Best Beaches in Croatia to Visit on Vacation

Croatia is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and its coastline plays a huge part in drawing millions of tourists every year. 

You can expect golden sand, turquoise waters, hidden coves, and medieval cities from Croatia’s impressive coastline.

However, finding the best beaches to explore can be challenging, with so many famous beaches and hidden gems. Luckily for you, we’re here to help.

After visiting on multiple occasions, I’ve compiled a list of Croatia’s best beaches. I’ll tell you what each beach offers, why you should visit, and show you some of the hidden gems I love!

Let’s dive straight in!


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Best Beaches in Croatia to Visit

1. Zlatni Rat Beach

Zlatni Rat Beach has been regarded as the most famous beach in Croatia for the last few years. Often referred to as the Golden Horn because of its unique shape, it is a glorious stretch of beach that you don’t want to miss.

This long stretch of pebble and sand beach is a big hit with tourists who want to soak up the sun, admire the Adriatic Coast, and dip in the crystal-clear turquoise waters. 

However, it is also a popular windsurfing spot, so that you could try something new during your visit.

Zlatni Rat Beach
Zlatni Rat Beach
Photo Credit: Deposit Photos

2. Gornja Vala Beach

If you want to experience the Adriatic Coast’s impressive nature, you must visit Gornja Vala Beach in Gradac. Sitting at the southernmost end of the picturesque Makarska Riviera, this is the longest beach on the Adriatic Coast.

You’ll find a long pebbled beach sheltered from the winds by pine trees and olive groves. Spend your time sunbathing, swimming, participating in water sports, and exploring the nearby town.

If you feel confident, you could even wander to the nearby nudist beach and shed your swimsuit.

3. Banje Beach

Banje Beach is one of the top beaches you can visit if you’re staying in the historic city of Dubrovnik, Croatia. The Beach is located to the east of the famous Old Town District.

This is the place to go if you want to kick back and relax with epic city views. The pebble beach offers views of the old port, Lokrum Island, the famous orange tiled roofs, and even a few Game of Thrones filming locations.

It is also worth noting that this beach is close to some of the best hotels in Dubrovnik. This beach is often visited by celebrities, too.

If you’re looking for somewhere nice to grab something to eat or drink, I enjoyed the Banje Beach Restaurant and Night Club.

4. Makarska Beach

Makarska Beach is another popular beach that offers epic views, a pebbled beach, and plenty of space to enjoy the Adriatic Coast.

Sitting in front of the soaring Mount Biokovo and the coast town of Makarska, this sheltered beach has everything you need to enjoy a day at the beach. The town is home to countless restaurants and chic cafes, while the beach has amenities like drink stands and umbrellas. 

A designated swimming zone and water sports activities also make it a good choice for families.

Makarska Beach
Makarska Beach
Photo Credit: Deposit Photos

5. Podrace Beach

Next up, we have Podrace Beach, my fifth best beach in Croatia. This gorgeous beach is near Makarska, but it offers a more secluded experience, which couples and solo travelers might enjoy.

Surrounded by pine trees and covered in fine gravel, this small cove is well worth visiting. I found it to be the perfect place to enjoy some quiet time. You’ll be treated to crystal-clear water, lush natural surroundings, and excellent snorkeling spots.

Conveniently, this beach has essential amenities such as loungers, parasols, showers, and a bar.

Podrace Beach
Podrace Beach
Photo Credit: Deposit Photos

6. Stracinska Beach

If you genuinely want to escape the hustle and bustle, a trip to Stracinska Beach is in order. This super secluded beach can be found on the Island of Solta, which is lesser-known and more rugged than popular islands like Hvar.

This pebble beach sits in a small bay that can only be accessed via boat or on land by bicycle. 

During a visit here, you can recharge your batteries, swim in the sea, and relax under the pine trees that line the beach. I do advise taking food and drink with you though as amenities are limited.

7. Bacvice Beach

Bacvice Beach is one of Croatia’s few golden-sand stretches of beach, so don’t expect to have it to yourself.

The Beach is also one of the most famous beaches in Croatia, mainly because it is in Split. The shallow water here is perfect for children, while the soft sand makes it a popular destination for ball games.

Alongside the beach, you will also find an array of amenities, restaurants, cafes, and rental properties. I enjoyed a fantastic meal by the sea at Tortuga Grill & Pub. I highly recommend visiting here with your family!

Bacvice Beach
Bacvice Beach
Photo Credit: Deposit Photos

8. Copacabana Beach

Copacabana Beach in Seka Bay is the best beach to visit in Croatia if you seek adventure, fun, and entertainment, as it is home to a wide range of activities. When your kids aren’t floating on inflatables, they can participate in watersports.

There is a giant stretch of stunning coastline to explore, and the beach is lined with restaurants serving delicious food, wine, and fresh smoothies. 

This is also a popular place to watch the fiery Croatian sunset, so why don’t you head out on a sunset cruise?

9. Pakleni Islands Beaches

If you’re looking for a unique experience, jump on a taxi boat to the Pakleni Islands Beaches. These other-worldly beaches are a sight to behold off the coast of Hvar. They offer some of Croatia’s best views and landscapes and small yet beautiful beaches.

Admittedly, there is little to do on the islands, but their beaches are perfect for relaxing in the sun, swimming, and boating.

Oh, and there are multiple nudist beaches for those interested!

Pakleni Islands Beaches
Pakleni Islands Beaches
Photo Credit: Deposit Photos

10. Rajska Plaza Beach

The final beach we have for you is Rajska Plaza Beach in Lopar. This beach ticks all the boxes because it’s long, sandy, shallow, and relatively quiet.

This is a great beach to visit with young children because they can paddle out without worrying about the water getting too deep. You could walk for almost 1 km before the water starts to get too deep to walk. 

This quaint beach is perfect for playing sports, walking, sunbathing, and cooling off in the sea.

Rajska Plaza Beach
Rajska Plaza Beach
Photo Credit: Deposit Photos

Croatia Has Gorgeous Beaches

That concludes my list of the best beaches in Croatia. You should now know exactly what to expect from Croatia’s vast coastline. While it may be hard to visit all these beaches on one vacation, there’s no reason you can’t see a couple of them. With that being said, why don’t you narrow the list down and decide which beaches you want to visit during your trip?

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  1. What a fascinating tour to Croatia’s gorgeous beaches! Croatia’s coastline is a true gem, offering a wide variety of beach experiences. There is something for every traveller, from the famous Zlatni Rat Beach to the serene Stracinska Beach. I’m compelled to get my suitcase ready and discover these undiscovered gems by the descriptive descriptions and personal recommendations. Thank you for sharing this fascinating perspective on Croatia’s gorgeous coastline!

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