best places to retire in Maine

The 10 Best Places to Retire in Maine

Maine, commonly called the ‘Pine Tree State,’ is well recognized for its vibrant towns, scenic coastline, lively communities, and historic sites. With a reasonable cost of living, easy access to health care, and low house prices, it’s no surprise that Maine is a popular place to retire.

When you’re not exploring the great outdoors, you’ll enjoy fresh seafood or visit one of the many historical attractions. 

Today, we will show you the best places to retire in Maine so you can better understand what the state offers. We’ll cover local amenities, attractions, living opportunities, and more.


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Best Places to Retire in Maine

1. Camden

Let’s kickstart our list with Camden. Tucked away in a scenic seaside cove along Maine’s south coast, this charming town is generally considered the best place in Maine to retire.

With its vibrant town center and stunning coastline, Camden offers an affordable cost of living, low crime rates, excellent medical care, and a community-based lifestyle. In terms of living, retirees can expect everything from independent living and adult-only communities to assisted living and nursing homes.

In Camden, you’ll explore the coast, hike in Acadia National Park, and visit nearby cities like Portland.

Camden Photo Credit: Deposit Photos

2. Brunswick

Brunswick in Cumberland County has received national recognition for being an ideal place to retire, and with good reason. This laid-back coastal town offers a relaxed escape from city life.

Steeped in history, your days will be filled with waterfront walks, farmer’s markets, good food, and relaxed strolls around various historical landmarks. Be sure to check out the First Parish Church and the village green. 

The cost of living is higher, but the extra costs are worth it. Retirees have easy access to all the amenities they need, a wide range of living options, high-quality medical care, and various activities.

Brunswick Photo Credit: Deposit Photos

3. Kennebunk

If you’re looking for somewhere with lots of amenities, plenty of things to do, and a high standard of living, Kennebunk could be perfect. This seaside town has an average cost of living, several recreation centers, 50+ medical centers, a wide range of living options, and countless outdoor spaces to explore. It is third on our list of best places to retire in Maine.

Regarding living opportunities, Kennebunk has a handful of retirement villages, independent living, assisted living, and nursing communities. Seniors account for almost 30% of the town’s population, so integrating into a community shouldn’t be difficult.

Popular attractions in Kennebunk include the Rachel Carson Wildlife Refuge, the Wedding Cake House, and Gooch’s Beach.

Kennebunk Photo Credit: Deposit Photos

4. Waterville

Next up, we have Waterville on the Kennebec River. With affordable living and a large senior population, this city is a great place to retire if you want to be part of a lively community and make your money go further. 

House prices and crime rates are low; there are two world-class medical facilities and countless living options. What’s not to like?

When it comes to things to do, Waterville is known for its art and culture scene. The Colby College Museum of Art displays an array of contemporary pieces. Meanwhile, retirees can take in a performance at the Waterville Opera House.

5. Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor is perfect if you dream of a retirement away from the hustle and bustle. This quaint town has a population of approximately 5,000, giving it a brilliant small-town suburban feel.

Found in Hancock County, Bar Harbor has a tight-knit and welcoming community that’s easy to settle into, while the cost of living is close to the national average. You can expect reasonable medical, housing, transport, grocery costs and countless housing options, including independent and assisted living.

A nature lover’s paradise, the town is home to a wide range of outdoor activities and is close to Acadia National Park, so pack your hiking boots!

Bar Harbor
Bar Harbor Photo Credit: Deposit Photos

6. Yarmouth

Yarmouth is a solid retirement destination if you seek a town packed with local amenities. Just 12 miles from Portland, this coastal town has more medical centers than other towns in Maine, multiple retirement communities, many attractions, and plenty of green space.

Royal River Park and Little John Island are two places you’ll enjoy exploring, and Muddy Rudder is the best seafood restaurant in town.

Its proximity to Portland is also convenient for retirees who want the best of both worlds. Enjoy a laid-back lifestyle in Yarmouth and head to Portland for more entertainment. 

The only downside is the cost of living, which is above the national average.

7. Lewiston

Found between Portland and Augusta, Lewiston is the second-largest city in Maine. It’s a popular retirement option for seniors who enjoy city life but without the high costs. 

Giving retirees more bang for their buck, house prices, medical care, and groceries cost less than the national average. Better yet, there are more than 20 retirement communities in the city. 

These include independent apartments, assisted living, and active communities. As far as attractions are concerned, Lewiston is a big hit with nature lovers. There are a handful of nature reserves to hike and historical landmarks to visit.

8. Augusta

If you want to retire in style, spend the golden years of your life in Augusta. This picturesque city has a thriving senior population, heaps of attractions, and an excellent standard of living. Augusta is eighth on our list of best places in Maine to retire.

You’ll find all the amenities you need to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. Local amenities include world-class medical centers, recreation centers, bars, shops, and restaurants. 

Popular things to do in the city include visiting the local museums, walking along the Kennebec River, and exploring the gardens at Viles Arboretum.

Augusta is affordable, and house prices are reasonable, so you’ll likely be able to put more money towards your dream retirement property or the retirement community that suits you.

Augusta Photo Credit: Deposit Photos

9. Sanford

Sanford is a small city near the Maine-New Hampshire border. Here, retirees can enjoy all the Suburban delights they could ever dream of while accessing affordable health care, housing, and retirement communities.

In Sanford, you can spend your days golfing, boating, shopping, and relaxing with friends and family in one of many bars and restaurants. Conveniently, the city is only a 30-minute drive to the coast, making spontaneous weekend beach trips possible.

House prices are higher, but the standard of living is better. There are plenty of medical and recreation centers in the city, and several retirement communities offer a range of living options.

What more could you ask for?

10. Portland

If you love city life, you can’t go wrong with Portland – Maine’s largest city. Portland offers retirees a lively retirement with a blend of culture, convenience, and coastal beauty. 

As expected, Portland has all the essential amenities and living options retirees need to enjoy life. This includes medical centers, recreation centers, independent and community living, bars, restaurants, grocery stores, and many attractions.

One day, you might find yourself walking along the coast. Next, you might visit Portland’s museums or take in a performance at Portland Theater. 

The cost of living in Portland is higher, but retirees have access to a tax relief program, and the standard of living is generally better than in other US cities. 

Portland Photo Credit: Deposit Photos

The Bottom Line About the Best Places to Retire in Maine

In this post, we’ve shown you the best places to retire in Maine. We’ve told you what each destination offers and explained why you might want to move there.

So, what do you think? Is Maine somewhere you’d like to retire? Or do you have your heart set on somewhere else? Let us know your thoughts and feelings in the comments!

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